Wednesday, January 12, 2005

He surprised me!

I cannot stand knowing I have to wait for a gift. I'm worse than a kid! I guess because when I want something I just go get it, but when someone GIVES you something you have to wait for it.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I also hate to have a gift for someone and have to wait to give it to them! It kills me to buy early for Cmas and then I have to hide presents - mainly from myself. Then I hide them too well and cannot find them when I need them. This happens to me every year.

Richard secretly loves to drive me insane knowing the above. If I have a gift for him, I will ask over and over if he wants it then even if his Bday is a few days away. He will just smile and say he can wait. WAIT?? Then it eats at me. I start thinking of how much he will love what I got him and be so happy. At this point I'm practically shoving it in his hands to unwrap. I think I drive him crazy with my silliness sometimes.

Today he told me he ordered me something.


I had an option. I could pester him until he juuust about told me what it was then I hold both arms out at length and squeeze my eyes shut and scream, "NO, NO, NO! Don't tell me!" Then a few minutes later I'd be begging for a hint.


I could wait. I could wait it out. Afterall, it's been ordered, right? I mean. It will be delivered one day. Delivered?? Flowers?? Nah, he knows I prefer hand-picked ones. Delivered? My bed? Nah, he wants me to have the final say on it. What on earth could be delivered?

With great pride and a smile that was absolutely beaming he tugged on his belt loops and said, "I ordered you a new chair for work. You work hard and you deserve something comfortable." My jaw dropped and I got all teary-eyed. A new chair!!?? He was so excited to have picked something out that he knew I wanted/needed. He said I'll like it. I already love it!

But you have to understand where this is all coming from. My sis, my aunt and myself were all sitting around talking during the holidays. My aunt was saying how she had asked for a vacuum cleaner for Cmas, she must finally be domesticated. She's been married for 5 yrs this month and never dreamed she would have wanted a vacuum cleaner - a maid maybe! My sis added that her MIL told her to never ask for an appliance as a gift. My sis wiggled her eyebrows and said it was more of the MILs way of saying not to buy HER any appliance. Me? I'm down to earth. I look at it this way. If he heard me say I need this or that and got it for me...well.. that would be he actually LISTENS to me! How much better can you get? Your man listening to you!? And then taking the time to go and pick it out? Especially if he picked up on me needing something thoughout the year and then getting it for me.. what a man.

That's just what Rich did. He heard me complain now and again about my chair and bought me a new one. A surprise one. Ahh..I think I'm in love all over again.

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