Monday, January 03, 2005


When someone mentions the word lotion I think of my nephew. My brother and his family were visiting family in Colorado one year. My aunt was playing cards with my nephew. He was very young and was making up the rules as he went. Naturally, he would win every hand. Oh, he IS my brother's child hahaha. So my aunt asked him what was the name of this new game. Without missing a beat he scans the room and replies, "Lotion." HAHAHAHAHA

Tonight I'm talking to my girlfriend online and we got to talking about lotion. Of course my nephew popped into my head. Now this friend I met... over 6 months ago and it just amazes me how each time we talk we find more and more stuff in common. I called her the other night to bitch and moan and of course she just listened and chuckled.. and let me ramble. This woman is exactly like ME! Normally it's people calling me and needing to bend my ear (as we say in the south) and I console and bounce back ideas...but Karen is just a mirror image of me! It's so nice to get that. To have someone do to me what I've done for years to all my other friends. Part of me is really hard to open up to people. I don't want them to know my personal business. But Karen, that gal is just easy to talk to I find myself just yacking away! The best part is..she loves it. She loves it as much as I love calling and hearing about her kids or her job or yes, even her X. We have so much in common it's spooky. I'm so glad we found each other out on the internet. My life has been so enriched by having her as a friend.

So I talked to her the other night and all was well when I got off the phone. Then tonight, well, I wanted to call and see what decision she had made on something really important. I could have emailed. I could have just waited for her to let me know, but I called anyway. There had been some major happenings in her life today and she filled me in. We talked a bit but her phone kept ringing with people calling and I let her get back to that saying I"d call her later and when things had settled down on her end. She found me online just a bit ago..and at one point said "I thought you had called earlier me because you sensed I needed a friend." Ya know... I say I was calling to find out the decision she had made..but it was a pretty strong vibe pulling me to call her. Maybe deep down I felt she needed someone? Email is really nice..but there is something about hearing a live person's voice on the other end. Something very comforting and more personal. I hope tomorrow is better for her.

Back to lotion. During our conversation online we got started on lotions. My fave is Neutrogena's light sesame formula lotion. I love that stuff. I always had normal skin. Really soft skin. I dunno if it's our crazy weather or just getting older, but my skin is really dry and just soaks up lotion. I don't like lotion that leaves you with a film on your skin. ICK! Greezy stuff. I want to soften, not be oiled down. We got on the subject of Bath and Body lotions, which are both our favs! We both love the same flavors (scents). Karen has a bottle in every room. I think Bath & Body is our secret addiction. If you have not tried their 100% Shea Butter.. hunny, you are missing out!

Tonight I ran a hot bath and added some Sweet Pea bath salts then used some Sweet Pea salt scrub. MMM. I'm so silky soft and smell so sweet. Too bad Rich is at the camp! Maybe I can con the kids into putting some Shea Butter on my tootsies!? Hmmm.. worth a shot.

Yah, I know. I'm mostly rambling.. but don't forget there is nothing better than love, family, friends and pampering yourself. You deserve it all!

God Bless!

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