Monday, January 24, 2005

Lots on my brain

My brain is forever turning. It never seems to stop. This week has been no different. Work has been hectic. The kids have kept me busy. Weekend was busy. This entire week will be busy. My mom said time flew after 30, but man, she sure didn't tell me it went at the speed of light!!

Rich has been working on the house again. I'll be glad when this is done. Does it ever end? Maybe by Cmas this year? LOL

I got really sick while working today. So much that I could barely speak to by boss on the phone. She could tell I wasn't feeling good and said to rest and just work when I could. Ugh. I hate to make up time, but I hate to have the work pile up even more. Joy of working at home? I can still work and look like crap and nobody knows. Un-joy? I feel compelled to make up my work because I can work and still look like crap and nobody knows. LOL yes, I'm a work-a-holic. But I love my job. Maybe by tomorrow this dull ache in my head will be gone.


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