Monday, January 10, 2005

Thank My Lucky Stars!

Yessssssssssss! I was able to view Comet Machholz last night! Hubby was BBQing, so I hauled the scope outside to visit and look at the stars. I'm not the greatest star gazer but I make the attempt! And let me say - It was well worth it! I was able to view Seven sisters thru the scope. Amazing! I had a had time locating the green comet with the scope. I finally opted to lie on my back on the patio and use binoculars. I'm yacking away to Richard as he's flipping the steaks on the grill about how neat it is that you can see the stars so bright with the scope or the binoculars and how much I've already learned in such a short time when I let out a scream! A shooting star passed right in front of the binoculars!! By now I was shaking and my voice was jittery. I was so wanting to find that comet.

Rich sprawled out next to me on the cement. I remember when we dated we would ride to the bean fields, get a blanket and climb in the back of his truck and watch the sky. Many nights we see shooting stars. Out in the country where no lights are around, the sky literally glows from the brightness of the stars. We'd lay around and drink and talk and snuggle under the blankets. (sigh) Many a memory!

I guided Rich to Seven Sisters after we found Orion's Belt and star-jumped around. I think he was impressed that I could read a sky map and find my way around after only a few nights of doing this. Then I guided him to the Comet. He paused and said, "Yup! I do believe you found that fuzzy star you been looking for." HAHHAHA I FOUND IT! And after I knew where to look in the sky, I could faintly see it with the eye. Not much, but I could. It was brilliant and fuzzy and light green. My only wish was that I could find it through the scope. Maybe tonight?

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