Sunday, February 27, 2005

Slumber Party!

Last night was Sarah's Slumber Party. What a blast. Kids this age are so much fun. Games of hot potatoe, guess the amount of candy in the jar, reach in the bag and write down what you feel were perfect for this group. At that age, 10-11, they get excited so easily and that excitement spreads like wild fire. Or more appropriately, spreads like 5 girls running all over my house screaming and giggling. They had fun, that's all that matters. I did have to calm them down a few times. Too bad it was raining, they would have loved playing chase in the dark with flashlights. They pigged out on pizza and chips and fruits and dips and cake and brownies. Stuffed lil pigs. They watched movies and played tic-tack-toe and drew pictures and stayed up until 4:30am.

Did they keep me awake? No. I was already up. Two girlfriends came over and we yacked the night away. One lives here in town and I see/talk to her often. The other drove in from Mississippi. What a hoot! We laughed and got serious and spoke of kids and jobs and in-laws. Whooo! We re-lived childhoods and caught up on friends and what they are doing now. It was so nice to have them here for a visit. I sure hope we can do it more often.

At 8:30 I got up and puttered around. By 9:15 I was waking kids up to feed them before parents came to pick them up. They were slow moving at first but they snap back quick! By 10 they were all gone and Melinda and I had a pot of coffee waiting. We stetched out on the sofa and yacked some more.

By 3:15 Melinda was off to see other friends and I played cards with Sarah and took a nap! Rich left for work, the kids and I ate supper, did the evening routine of baths, ready for tomorrow and off to bed we are going!

I think I'm sooo gonna sleep good tonight. The gunky funk is still moving around in the head and now I've got the cough, but I can breath and feel human again.

Next slumber party is March. Sweet 16s!! Oh joy! Lock the doors and nail the windows shut. I may need to take a trip to Mississippi to visit Melinda after that one!

Thursday, February 24, 2005


It's 9:17. Im tired. I'm going to bed. It was 9:07 hours ago when I looked at the clock. Time is standing still. I know as soon as my head hits that pillow the alarm will go off.

I wish I could just crash like Rich. I have a weather alarm station next to the bed. I'm terrified of bad weather. Today I hear it going off and just know it's gonna wake him up. Once he's awake, he's awake. Even like on just 3 hours of sleep.

I dart into the room and turn it off. He never moves! ??? That thing scares the be-jeezers outta me when it goes off. My heart races and I'm breathing all heavy for at least 20 minutes afterward. him? Never flinches. Must be nice.

I'm off to seek out the Afrin God and pray he works tonight. He did not work today! Miserable. Not breathing is miserable.


Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Dust Remover - in a can

I'm sure you all know about air in a can. My wonderful computer was due a dusting. Did I listen to my husband, my wonderful husband, when he offered to help me take the CPU outside on the porch and blow it with the canned air?

No! I always have to make things difficult. Actually, I figured he had done enough for one day. Working on cabinets is hard work. And as he likes to say, "He was hooked up all day." Say that with a twang and you have my husband. My wonderful, caring, loving, hardworking...oh. wait. back to the canned air.

I crawl under my desk and start blasting. Oh the power. That was until the dust came right back at me. Into my face. My mouth. My eyes and my nose. Within 30 mins i was stopped up. Zyrtec helped me some. Afrin helped me more. Ahh.

So my wonderful husband did his best to make me feel better. He watched tv with me and rubbed my back. He listened to me moan and groan and sniff and blow and get all weepy.

For all of you who think men are horrible when they are sick - you have never had to take care of me. I cry and say, "I don't know WHY I'm crying!" ack! I hate to be sick, too.

My husband got called out to work tonight. So here I sit, all alone. Wads of toilet paper on the desk. Coughdrop papers scattered around. My cup of water all gone. All alone.

Guess I'll carry myself to bed now. HOpefully sleep will do me good. That, and Afrin.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Pardon me, ma'am.

I promise this will not turn intoa Gym Blog, but for right now the gym IS a big part of my life and hey, you can learn lots from any situation if you open your eyes and close your ears. Oh how I wish I could have closed my ears.

I go to the gym yesterday. The treadmills are full. I hate, hate, hate to walk the track. I don't care who's looking, but the darn track flares up my shin splints something awful and I cannot walk more than one-half of a mile. Not a good workout.

This woman, who is fluffy like me, is walking really fast. She's walking fast on the long stretches and slower on the short ones. Hmm, okay. Whatever. When she passes by me she's just a huffing and puffing and looking like she's about to pass out. Pace yourself. It's better. Your body is not getting enough oxygen if you're huffing and puffing. Get into a rhythm and stick to long inhales and exhales at a steady pace. I was so happy when she finished her mile.

So I warmup on the track by walking slowly and then head over the empty treadmill. (I had Daniel go see if one was available) Ahh. Much better. UHoh! Who is on the front treadmill? Yup. Miss Blue Suit, the gal from upstairs. I climbed aboard the treadmill, set my speed, cranking up the MP3 and starting walking. I like to vary my speed according to the song. Some songs just get you going. What can I say? I was cranked up and walking and jamming to some Rebecca St. James - Shaken - and I suddenly starting hearing this awful noise. It was in a rhythm of bzzst, bzzst, bzzst. I'm looking down, around, on the side and then.... infront. Miss Blue Suit has her speed damn near running and she's walking, or should I say TRYING to walk, very fast. The bzzst is her tenny shoe meeting the speeding treamill and rubbing against it because she is not walking fast enough to keep up. For about half a mile I had to listen to bzzst over and over again. At one point I thought she was going to trip over her feet due to trying to keep up with the treadmill and slip and be burned by the speeding belt of the treadmill. All the while I'm trying to zone out the bzzst noise and concentrate on my own rhythm of breathing and walking and clear my head and release my stress. Her girls kept coming and asking how much longer. She informed them she walked 1 mile upstairs and would be walking 1 mile on the treadmill. OH joy!

I'm checking my distance on the treadmill because I know she was there before me and with her walking so fast she should be done before more. Nope. She did her mile and I did 8/10 of a mile. See, all that fast walking was for nothing. And now you will be all sore tomorrow and cannot move at all because you think walking 2 miles at super fast speed is gonna melt that weight off in a matter of days.

After she is through with her walk she's smiling at me while walking by so I ask, "Good workout?" She goes on to tell me that she just lost 25 lb and had gained it back and then some, but now is down that so she's back to where she started. She's just joined this gym and she has only come 3 times in the past two weeks and she was supposed to come this weekend but had a million-in-one excuses not to, etc.. We end the convo with, "I just feel so much better.", and wave goodbye.

I'm sure I'll be seeing more of her. (hopefully less of the both of us) It's kinda like whoever you start out with while grocery shopping is who you tend to see isle after isle.

Daniel told me he saw her in the weight room after she left the treadmill. He says she only lasted a few seconds on each machine. Guess she wanted to touch on everything to make up for lost time.

Just remember - Slow and steady wins the race. I chanted that over and over as I did my cool down so my shin splints don't keep me up all night.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Neighborhood Watch

Everyone should have a neighborhood watch program. Or, you could be like us and have a neighborhood watch PERSON.

I live on a deadend road. Our PERSON lives at the beginning of the road. She walks her dog every 3 hours during the day to check out the happenings on our road. I kid you not, if she sees an unfamilar car headed down the road she will walk her dog more often to see what's going on! She claims her dog will not poop if she does not walk him. HUH? My dog lives on one acre same as hers and has yet to explode from us not walking her so she can poop! hahaha

And when I say she looks to see what is happening, I mean she LOOKS! Her ole head is a bobbing from left to right to take in all she can. She's so darn nosey! A few weeks ago the neighbor across the road from me was adding a deck. The lumberyard truck was coming down the road and she stopped them and asked them where they were going and what they were delivering! Yes indeed!

Today Rich was checking the weather while looking at the window and laughed saying the Neighborhood Patrol was on the beat and I should not be afraid. Then he says, "oh, she's stopping to get the cans from the neighbor. OH! She is looking in Mark's trashcan! She lifted the lid and is looking inside!"

I kid you not! She did indeed! I think I need to call Mark's wife and tell her to put something special in there next week!

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Weekend Happenings

Friday night some girlfriends and I went out to eat and then back to one gal's place for awhile. We always have fun and it's great to get out and do something with the gals.

The family and Iloaded up Saturday morning and headed to Galveston. Rich and I decided to splurge and get a room at Moody Gardens Hotel. Ohowow! The kids were on cloud nine. We checked in around noon, freshed up and headed out for pizza. A quick walk on the beach and scouted for sea shells. Some strolling thru the shops for trinkets. Hit the strand for some shopping. Then back to the hotel in time for my massage and the kids and Rich a swim in the pool. Off we went to The Rainforest Cafe. The kids were shocked to find chocolate candies awaiting them on their bed when we arrived back at the hotel. We snuggled into bed and watched some TV.

The next morning was lazy. After showers and packing up we went downstairs to a buffet breakfast. Man! The stuff they had and stuffed we were! MMMM, it was de-lish!

Off to Moody Gardens for the Discovery Pyramid and The Filmride. Daniel and I skipped the Filmride. Glad we did. Rich said it was like you were on a roller coaster and went on a tour under the water to see fish, etc. No thanks. I get nauseated playing frogger on playstation. Blech!

Headed back home. Unpacked. Now Rich is going to pick up pizza.

It was a wonderful weekend. I think we are leaning towards a family cruise... gotta check out dates and places!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

zip, boom, bah!

That's how fast time flies around here. And it doesn't look to be slowing down anytime soon.

Between the gym (which I am still going to even after a week lol), dentists, orthodontists, laundry and functions... I am worn out.

Vday was especially nice. It is Sarah's Birthday, so of course we had to relive the whole "giving birth to Sarah" story. I was the first one to enter the hospital on February 14th and the last one to deliver my baby! She was also due on February 14th. Her teachers made a big to-do over it and so did her friends. I think she had a wonderful day. Especially when Daddy surprised her with pizza and a cake. Gotta love a man who can think a few steps ahead of his woman! When I least expect it, he really surprises me.

Rich bought me an electric candle warmer and a candle - just what I was hoping for! I got him a card- he bought a parts washer. He's so romantic and every practical.

I got a call from an old friend today. She's finally taken the plunge and going back to school. I think we take school a lot more seriously when we are older. I know she will do just fine.

Time to get started on, yes, you guessed it, more laundry! You'd swear I only wash once a month! This is crazy. I gotta get everything caught up so we can pack for a weekend getaway! Ohoo...ahhhh... awwwwwwwwwww.. it will be soo nice!

Friday, February 11, 2005

THE gym!

Oh my. Did we have a good time or what? Who would think going to the gym could be this fun? We saw quite a few people we know last night. The kids and I went a bit later than normal only because the pool didn't open until later and they wanted to swim. Rich met us there after putting a few coats on the cabinets.

I warmed up on the treadmill while waiting for a friend to do her weights. After that we moved to the track. She walks a whole lot faster than me and I only had to do 1/2 of the laps since I had darn near walked the entire mile on the treadmill. She had to get back home early so she cut her walk a little short.

I joined the kids and Rich at the pool - they had the entire pool to themselves! They loved the diving board and swam until, as Sarah put it, their motors ran out.
Rich and I had the hot tub to ourselves too. THAT was nice! Then we all showered, changed and headed home. Ahhh... we were so tired!

Needless to say, the kids scarfed everything in site once home. Guess they burned a few more calories swimming than they thought.

There was no telling them over and over to hit the hay last night. I think tonight they will still be tuckered out and maybe have to have a nap when they get home.

Tonight is cousin's night. Women only! We all bring food (what cajun can have a party and not have food?) and play games. Mostly we laugh and oh the stories we hear from our older cousins and the things they did! My cousin and I, who are really good friends more than just cousins, just chuckle and pray they don't ask us what we did when we were younger!

We'll be having shrimp gumbo... mmm and lots of goodies. I'm debating going to the gym before cousin's night. I want to, but we shall see how much time I have this afternoon.

So far, the gym is a keeper with the entire family!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Ahh, the parades are over and we can get back to life. Well, life during Lent at least. The 40 days Jesus spent in the desert praying and fasting before his crucifixion. Many moons ago Lent was taken very seriously. Not that some don't take it seriously - it just seems to have become a big party/parade/drunken feast. That saddens me. Lent was taken so seriously when my grandmother was young that the theaters closed. And no parties were held. And likewise, no weddings or baptisms.

Many people don't realize that Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) is based on the Catholic faith. Before Lent started the people would feast on Tuesday because during Lent you fasted and prayed and no meat is eaten on Ash Wednesday or on Fridays during Lent. So they gobbled up all the food they could. Thus, Fat Tuesday. The parades? Masked riders would get on horseback and go around from house to house asking for items - rice, chickens, eggs, flour, oil, spices, etc., and they would use these things to make a huge gumbo for all to enjoy at the end of the ride. People would sit on their porches and wait for the riders to come by. They'd gather and play music and pass a good time before Lent started. Ya gotta get that all outta ya system there, before Lent. Can't be having nun-a-dat!

Now they have floats instead of horses and music on floats instead of on porches and they throw stuff at you instead of ask for stuff. Lots of changes.

The kids asked to go to the parade. We went. It rained. They asked to leave. They said it was horrible. They wanted it to be like it was when they were little. I tried to explain that it was always like this and that as little kids they didn't notice all they notice now. Next year I'll have to make it a point to take them to the Crewe of Barkus Parade (parade of dogs and other animals) and the Children's Parade. I think they'll enjoy that.

Tonight we rushed to the gym in order to make it to mass to get our ashes. The ashes are a symbol or a reminder that with Jesus's death we start anew. A new life. He died for us. When we die we turn to ashes. After his crucifixion we were saved and now have eternal life. I hope this makes sense. Father explains it so much better. I'm tired and sore and not thinking straight.

We had a good time at the gym. The girls did weights, Daniel played basketball and walked with me some on the track and I walked the track. Felt really good. My mind is clear when I leave. I feel like I've worked my body. My mind gets worked all day. Today was a particular shitty day. Not often I have one of those but when I do they are pretty horrible. It's not often I complain about my job. Not often at all. I really like my job. But today was very stressful. Lots of mumbling or speed speaking doctors. The exercise gave me time to clear my head and release some stress.

My shin splints didn't last near as long and I was able to make a full mile. Oh yah, giggle if you must at my mile. But I did it. And while to some of you that may not seem like much, it's a lot for the gal who sits in this chair day in and day out and never gets any exercise.

I was jamming away with MP3 player. That is THE best thing at the gym. I get totally lost in the music and before I know it I've been walking waaaay longer than I thought. I had that lil box cranked up and was cruising. No skips, no scratches - just pure musical bliss. I had to skip thru a few songs that were just too slow but for the most part I had a good mix. Funny how music can get you going.

Tomorrow Rich gets to join us. I think the kids are gonna swim too. Maybe a dip in the heated pool after walking is just what I need!

Time for bed. All this exercise makes me tired!

Monday, February 07, 2005

Day One

Well, I did it. Anyone who knows me knows how terrified I am of going to a new place alone. My husband sure knows. He told me he was gonna call me later and see how the first time went - thus, ensuring that I called the neighbor who also goes to this gym, so we could ride together. And I did. And we did. And we had a good time.

Warmed up with some weights. I'm sure my arms are going to be sore tomorrow. I sit and type all day and have no upper body strength. Maybe I could kick some butt thumb wrestling but that's about it. Then we moved to the track and walked a mile and then we did a 10-minute cool down on the treadmill. I didn't want to make myself too sore so we kept it mild. I'm sure I'll pay for it tomorrow tho since it's been so long. But today felt so good. My muscles were screaming YES YES MOVEMENT AT LAST! I don't care how many toys, socks, & shoes I pick up it's not the same. Besides, this gives me time to clear my head and destress. Ahhh. I'm thinking it may help me sleep too! Which is a wonderful thing.

Came home and jumped in the whirlpool tub. ahhh.. Now I'm pooped! I think I'm gonna crawl in bed early tonight. I sure could use a few more hours. This is gonna be a busy week - when is it NOT busy around here?

My eyes are drooping..gnite!

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Whew, breather!

I have some free time. Not really, but you have to make time for the things you want.

We had our family reunion this Saturday. A cousin asked everyone to submit pictures of their families and he made a video of all the pictures. Pass the tissues!! We have been really blessed in that for many years we didn't lose anyone. In 2004 we lost 3 within three months - so this reunions was pretty raw not having those three people with us. Only 2 of the original 7 siblings are left. My grandmother and her brother. We use to tease her many years ago saying we'd hate to be the last one living and she'd laugh and say we'd see who was left! Now that doesn't seem as funny.

Last night a friend and I went to the casino. Whoo hoo! We had a blast and played for hours. So what if we lost our pennies? We passed a good time and that's what it's all about anyway.

This morning I was awakened to the best massage. I was so ready to meet the day after that. I've been busy all day in the house and church and grocery shopping... I can remember when doing these things seemed like more of a burden. NOw they are seem to relax me. I have noticed we buys LOTS more at the store with Richard there. He loves to try new things and is quick to put things in the buggy saying, "ohooo, you want it. Why not get it?" That man, I swear!

Busy weeks coming up too. I've got to get some new music on the MP3 player before hitting the gym. Yes, the gym. We're trying a different one and going as a family. The kids play outside, ride bikes and skateboard but aren't in any sports and we no longer have our pool. They need something to do and they all like the idea of the gym. Besides, I'd like them to have good habits to last a lifetime. We won't be wearing matching outfits, trust me. But, we will be partaking in lots of execise and fun! If we can move after the first week. I'll let you know. I have a sneaky feeling they are going to enjoy it.

We also have a mini vacation weekend coming up. The kids are soo excited and we are splurging on an uppidy hotel. I cannot wait! The kids keep asking how soon they can start packing. I doubt they will ask how soon they can UNpack once we are home.

Rich is starting on the next section of cabinets. HOpefully by the his next 7 off rolls around they will be ready to go up. Been a long time coming. Everyone who has stopped by to see the work in progross says it looks really good. Daniel wasn't too hip on the change at first. Now he can't really remember how it was before. Silly kids!

Okay, time to do some other stuff. The beans, potatoe salad and garlic bread are all ready. Richard is BBQing and it will be soo good. Chicken and ribs. Oh, and some sausage. MMMM

Friday, February 04, 2005


A friend and I were talking the other day about how our brains never stop. How we are always questioning things and how sometimes our brains think of strange things. Like... if you were blind since birth, do you dream of just voices or do you dream of things. But how can you, you've never seen things?! I was shocked to hear she thought of stuff like this only because I do too!

All this dreaming got me thinking about how I don't dream anymore. Another friend said we do, we just don't remember them the next day. I use to have such vivid dreams. Really wild stuff. Now? Nothing. Though last night I do remember sneaking off to go swim in some pool. I was at an all-girls school and was telling another girl, who was too scared to get caught, that she needed to live a little and do some daring things! ME? Telling HER this? By the time we snuck out and got to the pool, it had turned into a pond with a thick layer of green funk on top. This apparently wasn't enough to stop the boys we were meeting to go ahead and get right in. EWWW. Then in a flash the dream changed to something else. Only, I don't remember what! It is good to know I do still dream.

Daniel is home from school again today. Gosh I hope it's not the flu. He had it a few years back and he was down for a solid week. :( I'll miss the family reunion if he is still sick tomorrow. I was soo looking forward to it. Oh well, next year.

Time to get to work. I'm tired from all the extra work I've been doing and I won't even get to sleep late on Saturday! Maybe I can catch some ZZZ after work... and dream some more!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

It's been awhile...

I know, I know. But we have been busy! I'll update later on my weekend but I just thought the following was soo funny!

Seems older people get short tempered and begin to speak their mind. Nowadays, my grandmother holds back nothing!

She recently used some cream, some WONDERFUL cream, I received from a friend. She broke out something awful. She was disappointed in my cream and was in severe pain. I called a neighbor to "treat" her. Yes, we in the South believe in treating. The friend I called asked if maybe my grandmother had shingles. Hmm.. not that I know of since I hadn't seen this rash. My grandmother could not take the pain any more and asked my mom to take her to the doctor. My mom asked which hip my grandmother had rubbed the cream on and my grandmother got real testy and said, "Well, it hurts all over, I put it all over!" My mom explained to my grandmother she did not think it was the cream because only one side was broken out.

Off they go to the doctor and sure 'nuff! SHINGLES! Not only that, seems my grandmother, who is 86 years young, has gallstones. The nurse called her to give her the results of her ultrasound. Yikes! They wanted to make the appointment and my grandmother explained she would have to check with her daughter. The nurse got real uglee and said, "Well. Ms. X, you HAVE to have this removed!" To which my grandmother promptly replied, "X, I'm 86 years old. I don't HAVE to do anything!" HAHAHAHA. Geeze.. this nurse has known my family for... well..forever. She knows my grandmother does not drive and has to depend on others to bring her to the doctor. She also knows my parents travel a lot and that my grandmother will have to make the appointment once she clears a date with my parents. ack!

Naturally my grandmother is scared. She's in good health otherwise, but when dealing with anesthesia you just never know.

Off to type...busy day :) But ohooo, I slept soo good last night.