Friday, February 04, 2005


A friend and I were talking the other day about how our brains never stop. How we are always questioning things and how sometimes our brains think of strange things. Like... if you were blind since birth, do you dream of just voices or do you dream of things. But how can you, you've never seen things?! I was shocked to hear she thought of stuff like this only because I do too!

All this dreaming got me thinking about how I don't dream anymore. Another friend said we do, we just don't remember them the next day. I use to have such vivid dreams. Really wild stuff. Now? Nothing. Though last night I do remember sneaking off to go swim in some pool. I was at an all-girls school and was telling another girl, who was too scared to get caught, that she needed to live a little and do some daring things! ME? Telling HER this? By the time we snuck out and got to the pool, it had turned into a pond with a thick layer of green funk on top. This apparently wasn't enough to stop the boys we were meeting to go ahead and get right in. EWWW. Then in a flash the dream changed to something else. Only, I don't remember what! It is good to know I do still dream.

Daniel is home from school again today. Gosh I hope it's not the flu. He had it a few years back and he was down for a solid week. :( I'll miss the family reunion if he is still sick tomorrow. I was soo looking forward to it. Oh well, next year.

Time to get to work. I'm tired from all the extra work I've been doing and I won't even get to sleep late on Saturday! Maybe I can catch some ZZZ after work... and dream some more!

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