Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Dust Remover - in a can

I'm sure you all know about air in a can. My wonderful computer was due a dusting. Did I listen to my husband, my wonderful husband, when he offered to help me take the CPU outside on the porch and blow it with the canned air?

No! I always have to make things difficult. Actually, I figured he had done enough for one day. Working on cabinets is hard work. And as he likes to say, "He was hooked up all day." Say that with a twang and you have my husband. My wonderful, caring, loving, hardworking...oh. wait. back to the canned air.

I crawl under my desk and start blasting. Oh the power. That was until the dust came right back at me. Into my face. My mouth. My eyes and my nose. Within 30 mins i was stopped up. Zyrtec helped me some. Afrin helped me more. Ahh.

So my wonderful husband did his best to make me feel better. He watched tv with me and rubbed my back. He listened to me moan and groan and sniff and blow and get all weepy.

For all of you who think men are horrible when they are sick - you have never had to take care of me. I cry and say, "I don't know WHY I'm crying!" ack! I hate to be sick, too.

My husband got called out to work tonight. So here I sit, all alone. Wads of toilet paper on the desk. Coughdrop papers scattered around. My cup of water all gone. All alone.

Guess I'll carry myself to bed now. HOpefully sleep will do me good. That, and Afrin.

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