Friday, February 11, 2005

THE gym!

Oh my. Did we have a good time or what? Who would think going to the gym could be this fun? We saw quite a few people we know last night. The kids and I went a bit later than normal only because the pool didn't open until later and they wanted to swim. Rich met us there after putting a few coats on the cabinets.

I warmed up on the treadmill while waiting for a friend to do her weights. After that we moved to the track. She walks a whole lot faster than me and I only had to do 1/2 of the laps since I had darn near walked the entire mile on the treadmill. She had to get back home early so she cut her walk a little short.

I joined the kids and Rich at the pool - they had the entire pool to themselves! They loved the diving board and swam until, as Sarah put it, their motors ran out.
Rich and I had the hot tub to ourselves too. THAT was nice! Then we all showered, changed and headed home. Ahhh... we were so tired!

Needless to say, the kids scarfed everything in site once home. Guess they burned a few more calories swimming than they thought.

There was no telling them over and over to hit the hay last night. I think tonight they will still be tuckered out and maybe have to have a nap when they get home.

Tonight is cousin's night. Women only! We all bring food (what cajun can have a party and not have food?) and play games. Mostly we laugh and oh the stories we hear from our older cousins and the things they did! My cousin and I, who are really good friends more than just cousins, just chuckle and pray they don't ask us what we did when we were younger!

We'll be having shrimp gumbo... mmm and lots of goodies. I'm debating going to the gym before cousin's night. I want to, but we shall see how much time I have this afternoon.

So far, the gym is a keeper with the entire family!

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