Monday, February 21, 2005

Neighborhood Watch

Everyone should have a neighborhood watch program. Or, you could be like us and have a neighborhood watch PERSON.

I live on a deadend road. Our PERSON lives at the beginning of the road. She walks her dog every 3 hours during the day to check out the happenings on our road. I kid you not, if she sees an unfamilar car headed down the road she will walk her dog more often to see what's going on! She claims her dog will not poop if she does not walk him. HUH? My dog lives on one acre same as hers and has yet to explode from us not walking her so she can poop! hahaha

And when I say she looks to see what is happening, I mean she LOOKS! Her ole head is a bobbing from left to right to take in all she can. She's so darn nosey! A few weeks ago the neighbor across the road from me was adding a deck. The lumberyard truck was coming down the road and she stopped them and asked them where they were going and what they were delivering! Yes indeed!

Today Rich was checking the weather while looking at the window and laughed saying the Neighborhood Patrol was on the beat and I should not be afraid. Then he says, "oh, she's stopping to get the cans from the neighbor. OH! She is looking in Mark's trashcan! She lifted the lid and is looking inside!"

I kid you not! She did indeed! I think I need to call Mark's wife and tell her to put something special in there next week!

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