Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Pardon me, ma'am.

I promise this will not turn intoa Gym Blog, but for right now the gym IS a big part of my life and hey, you can learn lots from any situation if you open your eyes and close your ears. Oh how I wish I could have closed my ears.

I go to the gym yesterday. The treadmills are full. I hate, hate, hate to walk the track. I don't care who's looking, but the darn track flares up my shin splints something awful and I cannot walk more than one-half of a mile. Not a good workout.

This woman, who is fluffy like me, is walking really fast. She's walking fast on the long stretches and slower on the short ones. Hmm, okay. Whatever. When she passes by me she's just a huffing and puffing and looking like she's about to pass out. Pace yourself. It's better. Your body is not getting enough oxygen if you're huffing and puffing. Get into a rhythm and stick to long inhales and exhales at a steady pace. I was so happy when she finished her mile.

So I warmup on the track by walking slowly and then head over the empty treadmill. (I had Daniel go see if one was available) Ahh. Much better. UHoh! Who is on the front treadmill? Yup. Miss Blue Suit, the gal from upstairs. I climbed aboard the treadmill, set my speed, cranking up the MP3 and starting walking. I like to vary my speed according to the song. Some songs just get you going. What can I say? I was cranked up and walking and jamming to some Rebecca St. James - Shaken - and I suddenly starting hearing this awful noise. It was in a rhythm of bzzst, bzzst, bzzst. I'm looking down, around, on the side and then.... infront. Miss Blue Suit has her speed damn near running and she's walking, or should I say TRYING to walk, very fast. The bzzst is her tenny shoe meeting the speeding treamill and rubbing against it because she is not walking fast enough to keep up. For about half a mile I had to listen to bzzst over and over again. At one point I thought she was going to trip over her feet due to trying to keep up with the treadmill and slip and be burned by the speeding belt of the treadmill. All the while I'm trying to zone out the bzzst noise and concentrate on my own rhythm of breathing and walking and clear my head and release my stress. Her girls kept coming and asking how much longer. She informed them she walked 1 mile upstairs and would be walking 1 mile on the treadmill. OH joy!

I'm checking my distance on the treadmill because I know she was there before me and with her walking so fast she should be done before more. Nope. She did her mile and I did 8/10 of a mile. See, all that fast walking was for nothing. And now you will be all sore tomorrow and cannot move at all because you think walking 2 miles at super fast speed is gonna melt that weight off in a matter of days.

After she is through with her walk she's smiling at me while walking by so I ask, "Good workout?" She goes on to tell me that she just lost 25 lb and had gained it back and then some, but now is down that so she's back to where she started. She's just joined this gym and she has only come 3 times in the past two weeks and she was supposed to come this weekend but had a million-in-one excuses not to, etc.. We end the convo with, "I just feel so much better.", and wave goodbye.

I'm sure I'll be seeing more of her. (hopefully less of the both of us) It's kinda like whoever you start out with while grocery shopping is who you tend to see isle after isle.

Daniel told me he saw her in the weight room after she left the treadmill. He says she only lasted a few seconds on each machine. Guess she wanted to touch on everything to make up for lost time.

Just remember - Slow and steady wins the race. I chanted that over and over as I did my cool down so my shin splints don't keep me up all night.

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