Sunday, February 06, 2005

Whew, breather!

I have some free time. Not really, but you have to make time for the things you want.

We had our family reunion this Saturday. A cousin asked everyone to submit pictures of their families and he made a video of all the pictures. Pass the tissues!! We have been really blessed in that for many years we didn't lose anyone. In 2004 we lost 3 within three months - so this reunions was pretty raw not having those three people with us. Only 2 of the original 7 siblings are left. My grandmother and her brother. We use to tease her many years ago saying we'd hate to be the last one living and she'd laugh and say we'd see who was left! Now that doesn't seem as funny.

Last night a friend and I went to the casino. Whoo hoo! We had a blast and played for hours. So what if we lost our pennies? We passed a good time and that's what it's all about anyway.

This morning I was awakened to the best massage. I was so ready to meet the day after that. I've been busy all day in the house and church and grocery shopping... I can remember when doing these things seemed like more of a burden. NOw they are seem to relax me. I have noticed we buys LOTS more at the store with Richard there. He loves to try new things and is quick to put things in the buggy saying, "ohooo, you want it. Why not get it?" That man, I swear!

Busy weeks coming up too. I've got to get some new music on the MP3 player before hitting the gym. Yes, the gym. We're trying a different one and going as a family. The kids play outside, ride bikes and skateboard but aren't in any sports and we no longer have our pool. They need something to do and they all like the idea of the gym. Besides, I'd like them to have good habits to last a lifetime. We won't be wearing matching outfits, trust me. But, we will be partaking in lots of execise and fun! If we can move after the first week. I'll let you know. I have a sneaky feeling they are going to enjoy it.

We also have a mini vacation weekend coming up. The kids are soo excited and we are splurging on an uppidy hotel. I cannot wait! The kids keep asking how soon they can start packing. I doubt they will ask how soon they can UNpack once we are home.

Rich is starting on the next section of cabinets. HOpefully by the his next 7 off rolls around they will be ready to go up. Been a long time coming. Everyone who has stopped by to see the work in progross says it looks really good. Daniel wasn't too hip on the change at first. Now he can't really remember how it was before. Silly kids!

Okay, time to do some other stuff. The beans, potatoe salad and garlic bread are all ready. Richard is BBQing and it will be soo good. Chicken and ribs. Oh, and some sausage. MMMM

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