Sunday, March 20, 2005


My husband is now addicted to the cell phone. He called several times during their 6-hour trip to Gilmer. He called during the day while they were there. At night. Now he's calling on their way home. I love it! He finally can understand my own addiction to the cell phone. I feel so lost without it; like I've left one of my children behind at the store. It's a local call to make, so calling back and forth is even more fun knowing we don't have to pay for it.

I fed my other addiction last night. Gambling. Okay, not like I play blackjack or anything. Penny machines. Oh yah! My friend and I even have those rewards cards you slide into the machine while playing to rack up points. We also get coupons, events news and such in the mail. Last night they paid us $10 for going to gamble. Do you know how long you can play on the penny machine for $10? I played all freaking night. We switched machines several times to sit next to each other or try a new game. It was fun. Every machine I sat at I would start winning. One machine I put in $20 and in 3 minutes walked away with 43.00. Talk about exciting. When I went to meet Lalla with a huge smile on my face she said we HAD to buy scratchoffs tht night LOL I think we played for over 5 hours. We always have a good time.

Yesterday Sarah and I went bowling. My arm hurts and man those three games had me sweating! Yikes. I didn't realize how much work bowling was.

Jessica has the house rocking... she's so enjoying her stereo.

Now? It's time for shoe shoping and EAster outfit getting!

Wish us luck.

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