Monday, March 14, 2005

Don't let the cat out of the bag!

I teased the internet about letting the cat of the bag and I should have been more worried about the gal in the office. Today is the boss's birthday. I'm taking a cake up there later today. My evaluation is on Wednesday. Last week when I made the date for the evaluation I did not want to make it on Monday. I was afraid my boss would say that was her bday, then when'd I'd bring a cake she'd think that by telling me it was her bday that I felt obligated to bring a cake. Not so. So I made the evaluation date for Wednesday.

Last night I emailed the gal in the office and told her I'd be bringing the cake after I get off work. I get off at 3, so I figured that would be a good break time and snack time. It's all sugar-free stuff so everyone there can enjoy it. They are doing a diet challenge and it ends this month. The other gal was supposed to pick up a Bday card this weekend. She forgot. Good thing I emailed last night. She had to swing by walmart on her way to work and pick one up.

So today I get an email from the gal while she is at work that said she told the boss I was coming in today for my evaluation. HUH??? She thought I was gonna kill two birds with one stone and do my evaluation on the same day that I brought the cake.

Sigh. I don't think my boss suspects anything. The other gal is famous for mixing things up. Maybe I should put her in the bag next time.

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