Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Harder than waiting for Santa

Yes, my boss loved her cake. So did everyone else in the office. It was YUMMY.
She never suspected anything after the other gal told her I was going in that morning and had the dates mixed up. We totally pulled one over on her. That's hard to do with a boss!

My friend Karen sent me an invite to join one of those online DVD rentals. You know, it comes to your door, you watch, you mail back, more come. Vicious cycle that I'm sure will have me stuffing my face with popcorn, red eyes and staying up waaay to late just so I can see a movie in the comfort of my home. I'm all hooked up and my first set of movies arrived today - whoo hoo! With the weather like it is, it's gonna be good movie watching days.

My friend Karen also got a new fandangled toy. I'm highly jealous, but have no plans on getting on too. Anytime soon that is. She got a new cell phone with blue-tooth. She can have a wireless earpiece and still talk on the phone. I can just see her sitting at her desk yacking away and everything thinking she's talking to herself. Isn't technology wonderful???? to work some more so I can bring the kiddo's to my moms to sing Happy Birthday to Jessice (16 on friday!) and then drop them off at CCD. Maybe after all that I can catch a movie?

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