Friday, March 04, 2005

I can breathe!

I can finally breathe. Who knew your sinuses could hold so much gunk!? But I'm on the mend. That is, until pollen season hits. Oh joy!

Rich and I meet with some other Jeepsters here in town. It's not an official "club." It's just group of people who all have jeeps and love to talk about them, show them, see others and go on trips. They have an outting later this month. The destination is 6 hrs away. While I'd LOVE to go for the weekend, I just cannot imagine setting up a camper at 9pm. I think Rich and Daniel are going tho. They can leave at noon or before and have a great weekend of trail riding. The girls are I will do something. Even if it's just hanging here and doing NOTHING all weekend. Maybe we'll go out of town. Who knows. it's early still. I don't want to commit to anything just yet.

Busy weekend. Is there ever a quiet one? The girls have driver's ed tomorrow, CCD and then a friend is coming over to spend the afternoon. I think I'll invite a friend over to play too. A complete day of relaxing. Then Sunday it will be full steam ahead. Monday comes around just too quickly.

Okie, off to bed. Early to rise and lots to do!

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