Monday, March 07, 2005


yes, it's Monday. Need I say more? It's not that bad. It's just begun. How bad can it be? The kids were running late, I still haven't brushed my hair (Ya really wanted to know that, huh?), haven't had coffee, laundry is waiting and I didn't sleep well. I also missed going to the gym his weekend. Must make more time for myself. I had plenty of time. Amazingly, this weekend was a very relaxed weekend. No running around, no parties, no commitments. I was able to cook and do some other stuff all for me. The kids played outside both days and were in and out all during the day and the weather was fantastic! Today it's supposed to rain. Or begin raining. Maybe that's why it seems so gloomy?

I was just remembering when the kids would say "I wanna hold you" when they wanted to be held. Awww... my baby is now 10 and my teen will be 16 soon. Maybe THAT is why I'm gloomy??

Off to work! Thank goodness they won't complain about my lack of matching clothes or my bed head.

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