Monday, March 07, 2005

There is no denial

Everyone says my children look just like their father. And they do. And they are beautiful. I joke and say I only carried them and gave birth to them. He did all the rest.

As a matter of fact, they look soo much like their father that one day I took them to his job to pick up his check and this man came in the lobby. He worked there but they have a dry and a wet side and he and Rich worked on oppposite ends. They rarely see each other at work. He walks in and immediately says, "Those must be X's kids. They look just like him." I had never seen this man and he knew these were Rich's kids?? Freaky!

It also works to my advantage when we are out in public and the kids are acting a fool. I will say to Richard, "Ya know, when your X has the kids, I sure wish she'd teach them some manners!" hahahaha. I'm so mean. But gosh, it's so funny to see the look on his face.

Jessica may look like her daddy, but by golly she acts just like her mother. Lord, help us all. She was at drivers ed and the following happened. Abigail is a 14-year-old brat who will probably be getting her car IN the parking lot after the class is completed - before the even takes the test to see if she passes to get her permit. Abigail is also more worried about socializing with her friends, who are also taking the class too. So much so that Jessica has told them on more than one occasion to hush and even spoke to the teacher about their giggling and whispering and how her mother did not pay 200.00 to fail a test all because Abigail deemed it more important to make sure Judson tasted her Crystal Lite On-the-go drink make with bottled water that her mommy brought along with her Subway sandwhich for lunch earlier that day. Oh, but the real kicker is the following conversation:

They take tests and then they pass the paper to the person next to them to be graded. Jessica's friends have always called her Jess at school. At home, we are not allowed to call her that. (eye roll) So, she has Jess written at the top of her paper and passes it to Abigail.

Abigail - Uhm, is your name Jess-i-ca?
Jessica - uhmmm. Yes.
Abigail - Welll, you have Jess written at the top of your paper?
Jessica - Isn't your name Abigail?
Abigail - Yes. ?
Jessica - Well. YOU have Abby written at the top of YOUR paper.
Abigail - Oh. Yeah. I forgot about that.

OMGOSH! And this child will be driving!? Hopefully not. Hopefully her Crystal Lite drink and her subway and her friends will all fail. And I can drive with peace of mind.

My favorite story re-told by my child at driving classes was some kids asked the following...

"When we do the actual driving part, do we need to bring gas money?"


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