Saturday, April 30, 2005

daily life...

Yesterday we had the a/c on. Today? It's 63 and windy. 80s to 60s... makes a difference. I don't think I"ll be able to sit on the patio and drink coffee this morning.

I broke down and upgraded my phone. New phone was giving me hell. Couldn't hear - too much echo or muffling sound. I took it back several times. They ran all kinds of tests and found nothing wrong with it. Finally, after much poking around with the functions, I discovered it has a separate control for the mic and earpiece apart from the normal increase/decrease in volume. How come they don't tell you these things??? I'm a happy camper now. Being able to get online while waiting for kids is wonderful! Text messaging - what did I do without it? Even Jessica got in on the action with texting. Seems kids text now at school - what happened to writing notes????

The garden is huge and sprouting all kinds of yummy things. Rich and I sit out there just about evey night and talk and watch the sprinkler water the garden. Life is good in the south!

Yesterday, Sarah had a Louisiana Play at school. They learned all about La. history and music and culture. So cute to see the kids really getting into knowing things about their state. I learned a few things too :)

Time to do the digity-dang laundry! That stuff never stops. I don't think I"ve done but 1-2 loads all week, so you can image the pile i have waiting for me. It wasn't that bad until the girls cleaned their room. Egads! Sarah says she keeps them in her room in a pile so they wont get in my in the laundry room. Uhm. Thanks honey???

i've had an on-and-on again headache for 2 wks now. It's either allergy/sinus related - crazy weather, i need new glasses, my dry eyes or i've got something seriously wrong with me. Guess I"ll need ot finally break down and go to the doctor. Drops in my eyes are not working. IT's like that dry spot in your throat that you have to keep in taking sips of water to wet or you will start coughing up a storm, only it's in my eye and all the blinking won't wet it. ack!

Laundry calls. Mt. Washmore here i come!

Saturday, April 23, 2005

growing up and testing those wings

Our oldest is 16. While still very young at a tender age of 16 (she thinks she knows it all), we still must let her test her wings. If she fails, I'd rather be there at 16 to catch her and redirect her. Who wants to catch and redirect a 21 yr old? (not that I wouldn't, but most people, by the time they are 21, have made a few mistakes and learned by them)

Today is the "big party" for one of her friends. Three 16 yr olds just left my house after raiding the drinks and eating about half of my bananas and getting money for ...McDonald's! haha Oh, to be a teen again.

I can remember Robin and I riding around. We weren't doing anything wrong. Just enjoying life. My teen yrs were some of my best years. I want the same for my daughter. She's level-headed and very mature. Sometimes that's not a good thing - but it works for her and she works it well!

Rich is sleeping after working all night and I"m about to start cleaning. I clean when i'm deep in thought or upset. Must not think often or get upset much by the looks of things around here now!

I'm just worried. She's only 16.

But she has to start sometime!

Off to clean!

Have a wonderful time, Elm!

Friday, April 22, 2005

What are the words?

What words are truly comforting to someone who is in great pain? What could you possibly say to ease the pain? What can you do for them? Be with them? Sit and cry with them? Hold them? And then what? Pray for them. Pray for them and their entire family.

How do you comfort your friends' child? A child who was going to have a child of their and now will not be. A child we all couldn't wait for. A child who was to make this husband and wife a family. Something they had planned for and waited for until it was just right in their lives. A baby that was to be a cousin to another baby recently born into this family. A baby that was soo loved the moment we knew it was here.

Now a baby will not be born and this entire family will have to deal with another loss and gain strength in this and become closer and move on.

Is that possible?


And this baby will never be forgotten.

If you are the praying kind. Please say a prayer for this family. God knows who they are.


Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Late nights and cookies

Best thing about waking up at 10pm is going back to bed and being fully awake with a husband who has the same thing on his mind. Whoo hoo!

And that's all I'm gonna say about that. I think it's just plain tacky and shows no respect for yourself or your partner when you broadcast your sex life across the internet in great detail. Sex is the most intimate two people can get and it should be personal and sacred. If you both agree in sharing it, that's up to you, but it makes me wonder about people who feel the need to share such things.

Previously, I wrote about how Sarah didn't want me to make HOMEMADE cookies. Good thing, because they were nearly all gone by the next day. Monday she was teling me that Saturday is her last class for CCD and she wanted me to MAKE cookies for their party. HUH?? She WANTS homemade cookies??

Guess they were better than she thought. I'll be glad to make some cookies.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Brain fog

I just woke up at 10pm. yes, 10pm. I think I went to sleep around 5? I just couldn't go anymore. I zonked out. I don't remember hearing anything. I was awakened by screaming cartoons on the tv, a dark room and all the lights out in the house. Everyone else was to bed.

It's not often that Mom gets to go to sleep at 5pm and not worry about the kids. It's soo nice as the kids get older. Rich gets home at 6:30, so don't freak out thinking my kids were left totally unattended.

I'm sure they ate everything and anything they could find that mom would frown on. I'm sure they jumped in the beds and prank called people on the phone. I'm sure they said snippy things to each other and tried to be BOSS while I was sleeping.

I'm sure they did. We sure did when I was a kid. tha's the whole fun of it all.

Hope they enjoyed it! They could have towered over me and made faces at me and I'd have never known.

Now i have brain fog. I"m going back to bed.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I'm alive!

I'm a very controlling person. No, really. I am. Not controlling in a bad way. More like, just, in control. Aware of my surroundings. I'm usually three thoughts ahead of everyone else. Conversations can be confusing with me. I tend to jump around and forget that others cannot "hear" my thoughts in my head and how I've now switched back to the first topic of our conversation. Keep up people!

I picked the kids up from CCD. Due to my migraine last night, I was in a fog all day today and really did not feel like cooking. Because the kids took such wonderful care of me while I was in such pain I treated them to burgers.

I also let Jessica drive us there and back.

And I lived.

We all lived.

She really is a good driver. She did extremely well. And as controlling as I am, I wasn't nervous (okay, once!) and I didn't yell, or make her get out so I could drive, and I didn't make HER nervous and I didnt grab the wheel and scream stop. Yah for mom!

It is funny how you drive every day in your town you know what lane you need to get in and you know the routes to take so that you do all the errands on one side of the street and then come back the other way and do the errands on that side of the street so you aren't constantly crossing traffic and sitting in traffic waiting to turn and burning up precious gas! What??? You don't do this?? Tsk, tsk. Shame on you. You really should plan ahead. It saves my sanity!

Anyway. After driving for awhile you take things for granted. Like how the lanes are not painted properly. or painted at all. You just know where to go. But first-time-drivers don't! Suddenly, the child who use to constantly flip radio stations and bark orders to her siblings was freaking out. The road wasn't just rollig along beneath the truck and sailing along like mom makes it. SHE was the one having to make it happen. And it was harder than she ever thought.

I was constantly asked:

What lane do I need to be in?
Where is the turning lane?
Do I get in the turning lane NOW?
Is there an arrow here?
Why won't they let me in?

hahahaha. Funny how it use to be, "Mooom..just go over THERE!"

The radio was not as important. What song? Didn't hear it.

HOnking? We passed someone we know? Who? I didn't see them.

IT's a whole new world when you are driving. So much of your concentration is spent looking ahead and staying between the ditches!

She really is a great driver. It's nice to be driven around and give somebody else that control.

Migraines, icky hair and laundry!

Why is it you always have company when things aren't up to par?

I fought a major mirgraine last night. So bad I wanted to puncture my eyes to let the pressure out. The kids each took turns brushing my hair to help ease the pain. This turned my hair into well, oily hair. I didn't care at the time and this morning I was running to late to shower. I normally shower at noon anyways that way I can have all the hot water and not be interrupted. But Rich was sleeping from working last night so that was out.

Around 2 oclock the neighbor comes over to ask Rich a car related question and of course I had to answer the door. I felt bad enought without having the neighbor seeing me looking bad.

Then to top it off, the laundry is folded but still scattered about the living room. Darn kids! When mamma's sick all rules and chores go out the window.

At least the dishes were done.

Look out when the kids come home. The fur will fly!

Monday, April 04, 2005

Green light, red light, YIELD!

My daughter passed her driving test with a 100% correct. Actually, you have to get 24 correct. Once you've reached that, the testing stops. She stopped on #24.

She is so proud. Now I just have to find a place to go so she can drive us there. A place that isn't too far - price of gas you know, during a time of day that the traffic isn't too heavy. Maybe to the gym tomorrow? We shall see. I'll be all jittery and nervous and ready to work off some anxiety by the time I arrive. Not really. She's a good driver. She's just a 16-year-old driver. ack!

Congrats, Monkey. You did it!

Saturday, April 02, 2005

plum tree
Flowers on the plum tree and orange tree (close up) MMM smells so good.

Friday, April 01, 2005

April Fools & ramblings...

I wasn't able to catch the kid's in an April Fools joke. They are just too darn smart. But... we got Jessica's friend really good. She dropped Jessica off at the house and after she drove off we called her and said her bumper was in the middle of the road. She's a new driver so totally gullible. She was like "oh, my piece of crap is now falling apart." and hung up. Jessica was laughing so hard she couldn't even say April Fool's! OMG. It was soo damned funny. I thought Jessica and I were gonna wet our pants from laughing so hard. Finally we were able to barely spit out APRIL FOOLS before she drove all the way back to the house.

Then we caught her other friend, Amie. Jessica had the first 2 hours of her 6 hours worth of driving instruction today. Naturally, all your friends want to know how it went. Jessica tells Amie she got in a wreck and the instructor hit her head on the window..and by this time Amie is freaking out and laughing..and Jessica just stops talking. Amie asked what was wrong and J say, "Oh, and Amie? APRIL FOOLS!" hahaha

Jessica did really well for her first driving class. She drives here at home on the back roads, but it's not like getting in traffic. I drive a suburban and I don't think J allows enough room for the back end or the sides. Just something she will have to learn. Unfortunately, I don't have a break pedal on my side when she's driving the suburban. She'll drive Saturday and Sunday and then on Monday I'll take her to get her permit. I'm sure she will break my neck to be driving all over the place. Such is Teens! Oh joy, two more coming up from behind.

******Saturday morning*****

Daniel and Sarah camped out in their playhouse last night. I cannot believe they lasted the entire night. Because: 1. It's really dark where the playhouse is situated in the yard. 2. We had wind from hell! Rich checked on them before we went to bed and then at 5 am this morning when he got up for work. It's 8:53 and they are still sleeping. I'll have to see if I can snap a picture without them knowing. I wonder of the dog is in there with them?? I haven't seen her this morning and usually when she hears me in the kitchen she come to the back door. Lord, help them if she is in the playhouse iwth them. She is all snuggly and happy and I'm sure they are tired of being clawed and having her puuuuush up against them and her lovely doggy breath! ugh. She's not a small or even a medium dog (like she thinks she is, always wanting to sit on your lap!)

Tonight Daniel is going to a lock-in at the church. Should be fun. They'll be in the gym. The lock-in is combined with another CYO group, so hopefully he will see some familiar faces and make new friends. Watch it be all girls! That boy!

Time to scoot. Supper is on the stove cooking (yes! at 8:30 am I started cooking) because we will be gone most of the afternoon and I want it ready for when I get home. Nutting like home cooking. Roast, dressing, plain rice/gravy, blackeyes and whatever else the kiddos pick and salad. MMMM I can hardly wait.

I've got to make some snacks for the lock-in. Ack!

I'll have to get Rich ... tonight... hmm... will take some planning.