Friday, April 01, 2005

April Fools & ramblings...

I wasn't able to catch the kid's in an April Fools joke. They are just too darn smart. But... we got Jessica's friend really good. She dropped Jessica off at the house and after she drove off we called her and said her bumper was in the middle of the road. She's a new driver so totally gullible. She was like "oh, my piece of crap is now falling apart." and hung up. Jessica was laughing so hard she couldn't even say April Fool's! OMG. It was soo damned funny. I thought Jessica and I were gonna wet our pants from laughing so hard. Finally we were able to barely spit out APRIL FOOLS before she drove all the way back to the house.

Then we caught her other friend, Amie. Jessica had the first 2 hours of her 6 hours worth of driving instruction today. Naturally, all your friends want to know how it went. Jessica tells Amie she got in a wreck and the instructor hit her head on the window..and by this time Amie is freaking out and laughing..and Jessica just stops talking. Amie asked what was wrong and J say, "Oh, and Amie? APRIL FOOLS!" hahaha

Jessica did really well for her first driving class. She drives here at home on the back roads, but it's not like getting in traffic. I drive a suburban and I don't think J allows enough room for the back end or the sides. Just something she will have to learn. Unfortunately, I don't have a break pedal on my side when she's driving the suburban. She'll drive Saturday and Sunday and then on Monday I'll take her to get her permit. I'm sure she will break my neck to be driving all over the place. Such is Teens! Oh joy, two more coming up from behind.

******Saturday morning*****

Daniel and Sarah camped out in their playhouse last night. I cannot believe they lasted the entire night. Because: 1. It's really dark where the playhouse is situated in the yard. 2. We had wind from hell! Rich checked on them before we went to bed and then at 5 am this morning when he got up for work. It's 8:53 and they are still sleeping. I'll have to see if I can snap a picture without them knowing. I wonder of the dog is in there with them?? I haven't seen her this morning and usually when she hears me in the kitchen she come to the back door. Lord, help them if she is in the playhouse iwth them. She is all snuggly and happy and I'm sure they are tired of being clawed and having her puuuuush up against them and her lovely doggy breath! ugh. She's not a small or even a medium dog (like she thinks she is, always wanting to sit on your lap!)

Tonight Daniel is going to a lock-in at the church. Should be fun. They'll be in the gym. The lock-in is combined with another CYO group, so hopefully he will see some familiar faces and make new friends. Watch it be all girls! That boy!

Time to scoot. Supper is on the stove cooking (yes! at 8:30 am I started cooking) because we will be gone most of the afternoon and I want it ready for when I get home. Nutting like home cooking. Roast, dressing, plain rice/gravy, blackeyes and whatever else the kiddos pick and salad. MMMM I can hardly wait.

I've got to make some snacks for the lock-in. Ack!

I'll have to get Rich ... tonight... hmm... will take some planning.

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