Monday, April 11, 2005

Brain fog

I just woke up at 10pm. yes, 10pm. I think I went to sleep around 5? I just couldn't go anymore. I zonked out. I don't remember hearing anything. I was awakened by screaming cartoons on the tv, a dark room and all the lights out in the house. Everyone else was to bed.

It's not often that Mom gets to go to sleep at 5pm and not worry about the kids. It's soo nice as the kids get older. Rich gets home at 6:30, so don't freak out thinking my kids were left totally unattended.

I'm sure they ate everything and anything they could find that mom would frown on. I'm sure they jumped in the beds and prank called people on the phone. I'm sure they said snippy things to each other and tried to be BOSS while I was sleeping.

I'm sure they did. We sure did when I was a kid. tha's the whole fun of it all.

Hope they enjoyed it! They could have towered over me and made faces at me and I'd have never known.

Now i have brain fog. I"m going back to bed.

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