Saturday, April 23, 2005

growing up and testing those wings

Our oldest is 16. While still very young at a tender age of 16 (she thinks she knows it all), we still must let her test her wings. If she fails, I'd rather be there at 16 to catch her and redirect her. Who wants to catch and redirect a 21 yr old? (not that I wouldn't, but most people, by the time they are 21, have made a few mistakes and learned by them)

Today is the "big party" for one of her friends. Three 16 yr olds just left my house after raiding the drinks and eating about half of my bananas and getting money for ...McDonald's! haha Oh, to be a teen again.

I can remember Robin and I riding around. We weren't doing anything wrong. Just enjoying life. My teen yrs were some of my best years. I want the same for my daughter. She's level-headed and very mature. Sometimes that's not a good thing - but it works for her and she works it well!

Rich is sleeping after working all night and I"m about to start cleaning. I clean when i'm deep in thought or upset. Must not think often or get upset much by the looks of things around here now!

I'm just worried. She's only 16.

But she has to start sometime!

Off to clean!

Have a wonderful time, Elm!

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