Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I'm alive!

I'm a very controlling person. No, really. I am. Not controlling in a bad way. More like, just, in control. Aware of my surroundings. I'm usually three thoughts ahead of everyone else. Conversations can be confusing with me. I tend to jump around and forget that others cannot "hear" my thoughts in my head and how I've now switched back to the first topic of our conversation. Keep up people!

I picked the kids up from CCD. Due to my migraine last night, I was in a fog all day today and really did not feel like cooking. Because the kids took such wonderful care of me while I was in such pain I treated them to burgers.

I also let Jessica drive us there and back.

And I lived.

We all lived.

She really is a good driver. She did extremely well. And as controlling as I am, I wasn't nervous (okay, once!) and I didn't yell, or make her get out so I could drive, and I didn't make HER nervous and I didnt grab the wheel and scream stop. Yah for mom!

It is funny how you drive every day in your town you know what lane you need to get in and you know the routes to take so that you do all the errands on one side of the street and then come back the other way and do the errands on that side of the street so you aren't constantly crossing traffic and sitting in traffic waiting to turn and burning up precious gas! What??? You don't do this?? Tsk, tsk. Shame on you. You really should plan ahead. It saves my sanity!

Anyway. After driving for awhile you take things for granted. Like how the lanes are not painted properly. or painted at all. You just know where to go. But first-time-drivers don't! Suddenly, the child who use to constantly flip radio stations and bark orders to her siblings was freaking out. The road wasn't just rollig along beneath the truck and sailing along like mom makes it. SHE was the one having to make it happen. And it was harder than she ever thought.

I was constantly asked:

What lane do I need to be in?
Where is the turning lane?
Do I get in the turning lane NOW?
Is there an arrow here?
Why won't they let me in?

hahahaha. Funny how it use to be, "Mooom..just go over THERE!"

The radio was not as important. What song? Didn't hear it.

HOnking? We passed someone we know? Who? I didn't see them.

IT's a whole new world when you are driving. So much of your concentration is spent looking ahead and staying between the ditches!

She really is a great driver. It's nice to be driven around and give somebody else that control.

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