Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Migraines, icky hair and laundry!

Why is it you always have company when things aren't up to par?

I fought a major mirgraine last night. So bad I wanted to puncture my eyes to let the pressure out. The kids each took turns brushing my hair to help ease the pain. This turned my hair into well, oily hair. I didn't care at the time and this morning I was running to late to shower. I normally shower at noon anyways that way I can have all the hot water and not be interrupted. But Rich was sleeping from working last night so that was out.

Around 2 oclock the neighbor comes over to ask Rich a car related question and of course I had to answer the door. I felt bad enought without having the neighbor seeing me looking bad.

Then to top it off, the laundry is folded but still scattered about the living room. Darn kids! When mamma's sick all rules and chores go out the window.

At least the dishes were done.

Look out when the kids come home. The fur will fly!

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