Friday, April 22, 2005

What are the words?

What words are truly comforting to someone who is in great pain? What could you possibly say to ease the pain? What can you do for them? Be with them? Sit and cry with them? Hold them? And then what? Pray for them. Pray for them and their entire family.

How do you comfort your friends' child? A child who was going to have a child of their and now will not be. A child we all couldn't wait for. A child who was to make this husband and wife a family. Something they had planned for and waited for until it was just right in their lives. A baby that was to be a cousin to another baby recently born into this family. A baby that was soo loved the moment we knew it was here.

Now a baby will not be born and this entire family will have to deal with another loss and gain strength in this and become closer and move on.

Is that possible?


And this baby will never be forgotten.

If you are the praying kind. Please say a prayer for this family. God knows who they are.


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