Wednesday, May 11, 2005

and the darkness takes hold

Headaches. Migraines. That numbing feeling of being in a fog. I've had that for 2 weeks now. Every afternoon. I can't wait to get in my dark, cold room and sleep, hoping the pain will ease up.

At first I thought it was my dry eyes causing eye strain. Don't think so. I've been using TheraTears and that stuff works! Drops in the morning carry me all day through.

Then I thought maybe I needed new glasses. Maybe I do, but I don't think it's eye strain causing my migraines.

Foods? No, nothing new. I do know my triggers and stay clear of them.

Exercise? Okay, I'm slacking, but promise to get that lined up shortly.

Heat? temps have been wonderful. Every day sitting outside and enjoying my banana magnolia. MMM

Medications? Seems I've been forgetting to take my medications! HOW?? I moved them. Out of site, out of mind. I dunno how long I have forgotten to take them, but I made sure to take them today and NO headache!

I think I'll put them back where they were so I don't forget to take them anymore.

And I've made great headway in the laundry department. NOw I need the folding fairies to come and do their job.

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