Monday, May 23, 2005

Did you know you can make french fries from potatoes?

We still tease my sister about her grand discovery when she was a child. French fries from potatoes? Ya don't say!

That's kinda how I'm feeling today. My discovery? Syrup. Maple flavored syrup. MMM. Quick, easy, cheap.

Sucks that I restarted Atkins. Oh well. I made a batch using Splenda and voila! Syrup for me and Jessica!

This was a busy weekend. Teens galore overrunnith my house. It was a graduation ceremony, meet everyone's parents, head to the beach for some fun, crash, girlfriends giggling about boys and then the beach again kinda weekend! Even for teens, they are TIRED today. LOL

I thought this whole dating thing was gonna put some major gray hair on my head. But I'm surviving and it's really awesome to see my daughter (who is naturally mature for her age) jump up that much closer to being an adult. She jumped into this whole boyfriend/dating thing with such confidence that I don't think everyone around her realized how nervous she was down inside.

Yes, you are reading this correctly. My oldest went out on her first date.

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