Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Rain, rain come again!

We finally had rain over the weekend, and from what I'm seeing we are in for more. Yeah! The ground is soo dry. My garden looks soo good today! I just picked about 20 cucumbers. It's cloudy and breezy. Hoping for more rain.

I'll bring some cukes to a friend of mine when I take Jessica for a job interview. Yes, you read that correctly! Jessica has a job interview today! I'm excited for her, but I certainly don't look forward to having to run her here and there! She still has some learning to do with driving and feeling comfy, but she's getting there. She drives us just about eveywhere we need to go. I'm getting spoiled to this.

Yesterday they had good reports from the Orthodontist. Jessica now has rubberbands to align her bite. She looks funny. Her jaw hurts today. First day of actual summer and she was up by 8; couldn't sleep. I think she's nervous about the interview. We'll have to practice answering questions at lunch.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at my parents. Jessica's boyfriend was able to meet the entire family. His last name is very common - it's also a name in our family- so we were asking who his parents were, etc. Small world. He is kin to a guy who married my sister's best friend's sister. Got that?? They were all at the wedding together and didn't know each other then. Jessica was freaking out telling us to stop digging deeper into the family tree. She didn't want to find out if they were all kin HAHAHA. Her boyfriend made it through the day with us and I think he enjoyed himself listening to us acting like fools.

Time to see if more work has arrived. Bye!

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