Thursday, June 30, 2005

Good morning!

Last night I informed the kiddos not to stay up too late or there would be hell to pay! Okay, so I said don't stay up too late or you'll be sorry.

They need sleep. They need a schedule. This waking up at noon or after then lounging all day and then at 5 or 7 wanting to go here or have someone over is for the birds!

This morning I was greeted in the kitchen by smiling faces proudly saying they had not gone to bed YET. This was 6 a.m. ack!

What's a mom to do for punishment??

The laundry has been folded, the floors are swept, the windows are clean, the bathroom is clean, the kitchen is clean.... and it wasn't even 8 am!

They will be tired tonight! They have a very looooong day ahead.

They konked out at 10am. Rich will let them sleep and then work them in the yard this afternoon. They are gonna be so grouchy!

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