Friday, June 03, 2005


Richard - working hard in the garden. I think he picks a 5-gallon bucket a day of cucumers. He worked some overtime and now he's planning a lil trip to the camp.

Me - Gotta work this weekend and it's mumble mouth. Hope all goes well. I'll have my sister's kids Saturday evening for them to go out to eat. I'm sure I'll be exhausted. Sinsus flared up and I'm not feeling too well. I'll make it through. They may have to be duct taped to the chairs... naw. Not really. I'll just feed them sugar all night long :)

Jessica - Really enjoying this job thing. She konked out early last night. She's off this weekend and already planning something to do with her friends. Should be interesting to see how often they all get together with all of them getting jobs this summer. Hopefully she can save up for a car soon!

Daniel - We went to see SW III last night. He was in heaven. I'm sure he'd love to see it again and again. He has watched SW since he was 4 or 5 and has been able to follow it, even knowning that this was the future and this was now explainng the past, etc. Smart cookie! He loves sci-fi. We get the results of his latest EEG today. Keep your fingers crossed.

Sarah - her foot is MUCH better. Last weekend she stuck a piece of wire in her toe while crabbing..and the next morning her foot was horribly infected. It started draining a few days ago and is now back to normal. Guess she will listen when ole mom says GET YOUR SHOES ON AND KEEP THEM ON!

Gearing up for the kids to go to Georgia. Rich and I still have not decided what we are going to do. Better hurry up and decide. Times a ticking.

Hopefully J's schedule won't interfer too mcuh with our getting away for the weekend.

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