Saturday, June 25, 2005


We have been very busy with laundry and gardening and work. What's with a vacation when you have to work twice as hard when you return??

Well, apparently blogger didn't like the fact that I had a huge post about our trip. I'll give you the run down.

Thursday - Headed to San Antonio (actually in was Gruene, Texas). Found a great hotel and then headed to the River. River is low and supposed to be an easy ride. Nothing is ever easy for me. NEVER put your feet first when about to hit a tree. This caused my ankle to get stuck in roots, and with rushing water and huge rocks that cannot be something good. I was petrified and could only think I'm about to drown. My ankle stuck so high up in the roots and the force of the water would have held me under the water. There is nobody around to help and my wonderfully amazing husband was making his way around the tree roots using one hand to hang one to the root and one to hold the float. I wiggled my ankle free and off we went. Let me tell you, when I heard the next rapids I was having a panic attack. We managed to survive those. The last rapids left us little to no control over which direction we were to go. You just succumb to the force of the current. Again, I hit a tree and this time lifted my feet up. This time I found a flat spot and pushed back. The current moving forward and me pushing back only caused the tube to flip out from beneath me and I was now under water. I was scrambling to get a footing. The rocks are very slippery and then I found myself clawing to find something to hang on to so I could get out of the water. At this point I could Rich talking but because I was under water I couldn't understand him. He grabbed me under my arm and was hollering for me to stand up. In rushing water that is impossible. We finally were pushed to the bank and at this point we just sat there. That's when the full extent of what just happened hit me. The tears and shaking and begging not to get back into the water started. My poor husband didn't know what to do with me but hold me and tell me he'd always be there to catch me and save me. Oh yah..then the tears really started!!

We made it out of the River of Death alive and back to the hotel to shower and grab a bite to eat.

Friday - Breakfast and back to the tubing place. Rich wanted to kayak and there was no way I was getting in that water again. I went shopping. If you know me, you know I hate to shop, that's how scared I was.

I had an appetizer at a place overlooking the river... chatting a bit with friends online (yes, by phone has the web on it), did some shopping at the stores and then headed back to get Rich.

He had a great time on the river and we purchased a photo from a guy with an awesome digital camera who snaps your photo while you come down the river. We'll have the picture in a few weeks and I'll post it.

We drove on down to a Safari.. kinda like a drive through zoo. EEK! The animals love it and they all want you to feed them! Zebras, ostrich, antelope, reindeer, moose, bison, and all kinda critters I had no idea what they were, were all so happy to see us lol Rich had the best time feeding them cashews! And the babies...aww the babies! Bleating and running and playing. Soo sweet. But hot. OMGosh is it ever hot! It's dry... low humidity but you just pour with sweat and think, "Why am I sweating so much?? I'm hot, but I"m not THAT hot." But you are.. 100+ degrees is hot people! Rich had nachos and I ate icecream at the giftshop. I think I ate more icecream that week than I do in a year. Anything to keep cooled off.

Then we checked into our cottage. My husband... he insisted on the cottage. It was just a few more dollars a night and after all, we'd be right there in Gruene and close to everything. It was perfect. The place was perfect. The hospitality... wonderful! The people we so nice I had to catch myself before asking them to stop on by later to visit and have a cup of coffee. We didn't have a kitchen in our cottage - it was just a bedroom and bathroom - it was kinda secluded off to the side and in the back. Big ole brass bed, REAL towels, real furniture, doilies... it was so nice, so romantic.

The food at the Grist Mill was wonderful! No lie, the ribs melt in your mouth.

Saturday - once a month they have venders who come in and set up and sale their stuff. And some mind boggling stuff it was! Lots of jewelry, wooden do-dads, lots of knifes (made from RR spikes!), big ole parrots made from a cut up tire, purses and bath salts, cinnamon/sugar pecans/nuts, etc... We had the best time just walking around and looking. We made a round throughout the booths and then another round to pick up the things we wanted.

Then back to Gruene to the shops to pick out the things I wanted. I spend Friday looking so all I had to do was run in and show Rich the things I was questioned about and purchase what I wanted. And boy did I purchase. Good thing I don't like to shop! Then we had lunch on a deck overlooking the river and just enjoyed the time. A leisurely lunch. How nice! We drove on down to the gift shop at the toobing (tubing) place and found the joint was hopping. Egads! The parking lots were full and they were CHARGING to park! Not only did you pay to ride, now they were charging to park. They don't charge Mon-Fri, but they recoop on the weekend and it wasn't deterring anyone from going either. We bought the kids some shirts and then decided to go swimming in the river. Cept, there is no place to publically swim in the river that was near.

Soo... we drove on up to Canyon Lake - the start of the Guadalupe River. We stopped at a lookout point. We were not prepared for what we saw. The lake is enormous! And beautiful! Rich happened to look down and you could see people swimming... so we grabbed our stuff and headed down! Whoo hoo! The prettiest blue/green clear water you ever did see. And cold! Cold water that felt soo good on such a hot day! I think we swam for 2+ hours. We watched people, watched boats, tubers, skiers, jet skiers, and just relaxed. you could see clearly for about 5-6 feet down. We were pruned and cold.

Made it back to the cottage and showered and back to Rudy's. Rudy's is a down home kinda place. Real simple and good food. BBQ. Texas firmly believes in their BBQ. Every corner has a BBQ joint. Ya eat on wax paper. Yes, they give you a sheet of wax paper and that is your plate. Your food comes in paper or styrofoam, but your plate is wax paper. Don't laugh. Okay, laugh at first, like we did, because everyone considered eating on wax paper the norm! Families would gather round, lay out paper for each person and mom or dad would put a dollop of tater salad or slaw or an ear of corn on their "plate" and the kid didn't complain! They had fountain drinks or drinks in bottles or beer. MMM, cream soda out of a bottle never tasted so good! We loved Rudy's so much we went back three times. We loved it so much, when we got home we invited our inlaws over for BBQ to say thanks for feeding the dog and getting the mail, and we proudly served them on wax paper! hahaha, yes we did! They loved it.

We drove home Sunday and since then we have been non stop. The corn was ready in the garden, the grass needs to be mowed, the clothes washed and then the kids came home 2 days later for Georgia. They had a wonderful time and are dark like coffee beans from all the fun in the sun swimming action they could take.

Now it's back to reality and the trip is another memory. It's good to be home :0)

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