Sunday, July 10, 2005

And for some, it was 20+ years!

Saturday night was the "social" for my 20th High School Reunion. I know, hard to believe. Really hard to believe when you cannot recognize people. We all changed. We grew up. We have families, jobs, divorces, etc. Some have aged nicely. Others. Wow! Who knew 20 years could change a person that much!? Not in a bad way at all. Honestly. I stood there talking with 2 people and never realized who one of them was until I read her name tag 2 times. Even then, listening to her voice, seeing her move... it just would not register that this was HER! She looks good. Heck, we all looked good. Some still looked like they did in elementary school! Some gained weight, some lost weight. Short hair, long hair, more boobs, less boobs... You get the picture.

Four of us rode together. We kinda stood there for a bit looking around and going WHO is that?? AFter a bit the faces starting looking like they did in school. And the smiles and hugs and HOW THE HELL HAVE YA BEEN's were flying. The weather was hot, but being on the lake helped. Lots of pictures, laughing, catching up.

Saturday night was the big dance at the Country Club. Some people came both nights, some could only come to one. I was able to catch up with several more people and Richard even met some old friends from middle school.

A friend of mine got the "Most Unchanged" award and she soo deserved it! She still looks like she did back then! Amazing who married who and who was divorced. The most amazing thing was who had never married - because they never wanted to. Seems like that is the going thing. Getting married very late in life and having 1-2 kids back to back.

Lots of memories and the party ended way too soon. So we carried on over to another place. Or so we thought. SEems the out of towners could not find the place, gave up and went to where they were staying! ack! So my friend and I had a leisurely breakfast (2 hours) at IHOP and swapped stories of the evening like 2 high school teens!

Five more years before we do it all over again! Something tells me a few of us will be seeing each other loong before then. It was great to reconnect with old friends.

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