Sunday, July 31, 2005

giving it away

I teased my friend tonight that the next time we decided to go to the casino I should just drive up and toss my money to the valet and leave.

We did have a great time though and ran into lots of people we knew. Always good to see old friends.

Rich bought a new jeep and is in hog heaven. Ah, simple pleasures.

The kids were scattered last night so we had the house to ourselves. What did we do? Swam and ordered pizza because we were starving and didn't want leftovers. Right as the pizza was delivered my oldest and her boyfriend showed up. they kept saying they were full...but they sure kept looking at our pizza. Boyfriend left for work and Jessica gave in and ate a piece hahaha.

Today it was work, swim, work, go out to the casino. Now I'm pooped!

School starts soon. Time for back to school shopping and school supplies!

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