Tuesday, August 23, 2005


My aunt gave me a journal years ago and I've kept a journal ever since. I also keep one for each my kids. It's much easier to jot down likes/dislikes and happenings on a few lines in a book than finding the corresponding page in a baby book. Granted, I'm not always current in the writing... but I love reading thru the past entries. Funny how much your forget so many things.

Journals...letters... reminds me of The Notebook. I watched the movie a good while back but really wanted to read the book. My neighbor had it and after she was thru with it she loaned it to me. The book was waaay better. I read it today. Very easy read. I forgot how much I love reading. I have to work this weekend or I'd be headed to the library. Oh! I can even reserve books online. Gotta love technology. Gotta go look for the sequel.

I hosted Bonko at the house last night. We had a ball. I cook spaghetti and it was good. Spaghetti, salad with all the fixings, garlic toast, chips, dips, and strawberry cake with cream cheese icing. MMMMMM. We laughed and whooped and hollered and had a great time. Hard to believe I've played with this group for 13+ years.

Time to hit the hay... I worked a 12 hour day and I'm pooped!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Pure Bliss

It is pure bliss when you can have 3 bite-sized butterfingers on your desk and not worry about them when you go to the potty because the kids are in school!

My house is soo quiet.

Freaky! (as the kids say)

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Have you seen it?

Have you seen the Super Sweet 16 show?

It's so worth watching - NOT.

Who comes up with this CRAP? Yes, the rest of us hardworking people want to watch a teen get a brand new car, have a 10,000.00 stylist for her party, have a party that she does not deserve, and basically act like the spoiled brat she is!

Last night some really, really spoiled kid needed her butt whooped! She didn't appreciate anything and was so mean to her mother. Down and out mean! But, mom raised her that way.

Sad. That child is in for a rude awakened in the real world... or mom will be footing her bills the rest of her life!

Monday, August 15, 2005

Almost there

School starts Wednesday! I'm almost ready.

Yes. I'm a procastonator. And I'm okay with that. Apparently, some are not. And I really don't care.

Yes, I"m peeved. And Rich, bless his heart, listened to me moan and groan and then suggested that I Blog about it. He knows that getting it down on paper (the screen) helps me to deal and move on.

What am I so peeved about? I'm feeling used and unappreciated.

You help someone in need, go out of your way to accommodate them and what do they do? They totally don't appreciate you.

I'm running late (as usual) to do the kid swap with my sister and that expected phone call comes. "Why haven't you left yet?"

Uhmm...because i worked late..and have to get dressed, and gather things.. and I'd like to at least pee. Can I pee???

Good grief. If I'm not where ever we are supposed to meet at the EXACT moment, she's calling. It must be so freaking wonderful to be so perfect.


I can understand if she had something to do or an appt. to be at - I would have brought the child there.

She had nothing to do. NO-THING! And she's calling me with "Why haven't you left yet?"


I did her a favor by taking her child overnight and sending mine to her house. I also met her on the other end of town from where I was going after work... all because it was more convenient for her.

And what do I get? A call wondering why i haven't left yet.

So... i said "if you cannot wait any longer, drive out here and get her."

Suddenly, she had time to spare.


I do feel better now.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

new things

Sarah is never afraid to taste anything new. The other day I stopped at a friend's house to drop off the last of the eggplant from the garden. MMM and they are good! She was cooking down okra with onion and tomoatoe and then she would mix in some cooked ground beef. Ommygosh! The smell was enough to make you go crazy. The taste? It tastes like a rice dressing.

What am I cooking today? You guessed it! Too bad I only got a small amount of okra. I could eat that entire pot just as "samplings". The best part is being able to sit in the kitchen on the computer and cook! MMM. Rich cooked spaghetti. Gonna be good eating. Just right after an afternoon of swimming.

Life is good!

The kids are getting excited about the start of school. Sarah said it will be so fun - the first three days. Then the homework will start. Blah! But, my house will be so quiet during the day to work. ahhh....

Last night I had a dream about my grandmother. She passed away in December and I never had a dream about her. I never wondered why not or even wished to have one. I just let it be. Last night I dreamed we were at her old house in town. And we were sitting outside under the carport like we did when I was a teen. It was early morning and my grandmother's hair was "set". You know, with those tiny black curlers that have the white inside and you can kinda squish them. The ones that havethe pink plastic sticks that go thru them to hold them in place. Those kinda. And her hair was set in them and she had a scarf folded several times that ran around her head along the edge of those curlers and the ends of the scarf were tied in a knot at the top of her forehead with the ends sticking up like little ears.

My grandmother had this wooden swing like a bench that was made in a wooden frame. She had painted it yellow. Bright yellow. We all loved to sit in it. It would rock with little to no effort and was very comfortable for being a wooden swing. The sides of the frame came up high on each end.

In my dream, my grandmother was sitting in that swing with her hair all set and I was sitting in a chair next to the swing. My grandmother was talking in French, as she often did, and I would just answer yes...and nod.. as if I knew what she was saying. I remember looking towards her to see that grin on her face because I do not know much French and could not tell what she was saying. As she turned toward me she continued talking. That's when I noticed the frame from the wooden swing fell just below her eyes. Her soft eyes. Eyes that held so much emotion. I could see she was smiling by the way her eyes were all wrinkled in the corners and she was kinda squinting. But I wanted to see her face. I wanted to see her thin lips and hear her voice and hear her laughing. I got up to peek over the frame of the swing.

That's when I woke up. I'm left with a feeling of longing...

I know she watches over me. I know she hears me when i talk to her. But I wanted to just see her... one more time.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Rich and I keep having dreams about my grandfather. I don't know if this is good or bad. The dreams are not the same, but my grandfather is his normal, ornary self in them. Typical.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Irest and relaxation

Hell week is over. Yes! Now to just get everything caught up. That will take the next week to do.

The pool is great. Ahh.. so nice to go in at noon and work on the tan. Finally my legs and arms are close to matching. I tan really fast/easy so hopefully before summer is over I will match.

School is just over a week away. Rich took the kids shoppin today. He went all over town, a neighboring town and just about scratched everything off the list. And he was not stressed! I'm just too anal. The kids whine and cry and beg to go home and "look at this, mom' is repeated over and over too many times. I'm usually grouchy and tired after shopping with them and it usually takes me 3 days!

It's his job from now on. I hate to shop!

I'm fading fast. Last night some girlfriends and i went to the new casino. We had fun, but lost all our money. Oh well. Not like we had much to lose.

Time for bed! I'm pooped. Gnite folks.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

hump day!

My fingers hurt. My shoulder hurts. Every day i work 8 hrs and then a night i usually work 3-4 more. I'm pooped. Tomorrow is a really hectic day. I sure hope the other gal is enjoying her vacation. I'll need one after this.

Just about every afternoon we have thunderstorms. Sometimes it rains, but more than likely it's just a lot of lightening and thunder. Just enough to mess up an afternoon swim. Blah!

I'm sitting here in the bed surfing and hear this horrible noise. At first it sounds as if helicopters are flying really low. I live by an airport so that's not uncommon. Then it sounded as if it was going to land on my roof! By the time i got the blasted remote to work to mute the tv the sound stopped. hmmm... than a few mins later I heard it again. A-ha! I was the washer...off balance. Spinning. hahaha

I'm learning more and more about the laptop. There is this program that shows you how strong your signal is for the wireless. It looks like a radar that they follow planes on. The rings fade to light blue the further out they go. Each time I'd look at it there was my blip going around and another one. I just assumed that it was the "hub" or something or other. Today it dawned on me that if my blip is named...then this person's blip could be named too. ding! Person's blip? My neighbor has wireless! Apparently she has named her blip and I can pick up her signal from my house. I'll have to go over this weekend and ask if i can borrow her signal. I also need to figure out how to block someone from picking up my signal.

My friend's daughter and her husband went out of town and the hotel they stayed at did not have wireless access. They drove around some neighborhoods until they picked up a signal. Voila!

Another friend told me she recently received a flyer in the mail introducing wireless using towers - like cell phones! Can you imagine going anywhere and being able to pick up a signal?? Technology is amazing. I'll be excited to get more wi-fi places here in town.

Yah, i'm a geek, but my husband loves my geekiness!


it just gets better and better...

Work is swamped. I have been so tired from working so much that at night i'm just too tired to even shower. Gotta love a job that you can shower on your lunch break haha.

When I say swamped...i means swamped. The week started off good with a mild surgery schedule and hardly any patients in the hospital. now? who opened the flood gates! I'm sure i'll be working this weekend too, to help with the backlog. ack! I hate having that stuff hanging over my head.

Rich has been working too and every night before coming home calls to see if he needs to pick up something. It's wonderful, but my tastebuds want some home-cooked meals. The kids have really been good about helping more around the house to free me up for work. They make me proud!

I steal a few moments each night on the laptop. It's soo nice to sit in bed and check email. Sure makes it enjoyable. Hopefully soon i can take time to watch a few movies i've been having to put off because Jessica has company over and they don't want to watch tv. Teens!

Oh well, time to hit the grind again. Lightening was bad earlier. Had to unplug the modem quickly. Even the surge protector and battery workup were on guard just in case the lights went out.

Hopefully I'll get semi caught up and can enjoy the new computer tonight because tomorrow is another day of hell with the surgery schedule.

Never a dull moment, that's for sure!

Monday, August 01, 2005

and here i am...

sitting in my bed typing on my new laptop with wireless connection. whoo hooo! Yeah me. Too bad the other gal is of the office this week. This really curtails my online playing. I'll be swamped for a week solid. But after that... i'm FREE.

I cannot tell you how nice it is to be sitting in my bed, next to Richard (even tho his is sleeping) and watching tv. Relaxing and enjoying the computer... my desktop has turned into a work computer and at the end of the day i don't wanna sit there any longer. This? Heaven! I can go outside while the kids swim and still get online. This fall will really be nice. Vacations... ohoo.. how nice! I'm expected to take a trip for work next year and having my own computer in the room will be soo nice. No more withdrawls. yes. my addiction is that bad sometimes. This is my relaxation. And I totally enjoy it. I don't know why i waited so long to do this. Circuit City made it really easy too - free wireless router, free computer bag and free printer with the purchase of a laptop that was already on sale! It was MY day. Bout darn time!

Now Rich can surf all day long when he is off and not have to wait until i get off of the work computer. Often he just wants me to look up something really quick. WE know how that goes!

time for sleep. long day ahead!