Monday, August 15, 2005

Almost there

School starts Wednesday! I'm almost ready.

Yes. I'm a procastonator. And I'm okay with that. Apparently, some are not. And I really don't care.

Yes, I"m peeved. And Rich, bless his heart, listened to me moan and groan and then suggested that I Blog about it. He knows that getting it down on paper (the screen) helps me to deal and move on.

What am I so peeved about? I'm feeling used and unappreciated.

You help someone in need, go out of your way to accommodate them and what do they do? They totally don't appreciate you.

I'm running late (as usual) to do the kid swap with my sister and that expected phone call comes. "Why haven't you left yet?"

Uhmm...because i worked late..and have to get dressed, and gather things.. and I'd like to at least pee. Can I pee???

Good grief. If I'm not where ever we are supposed to meet at the EXACT moment, she's calling. It must be so freaking wonderful to be so perfect.


I can understand if she had something to do or an appt. to be at - I would have brought the child there.

She had nothing to do. NO-THING! And she's calling me with "Why haven't you left yet?"


I did her a favor by taking her child overnight and sending mine to her house. I also met her on the other end of town from where I was going after work... all because it was more convenient for her.

And what do I get? A call wondering why i haven't left yet.

So... i said "if you cannot wait any longer, drive out here and get her."

Suddenly, she had time to spare.


I do feel better now.

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