Wednesday, August 03, 2005

hump day!

My fingers hurt. My shoulder hurts. Every day i work 8 hrs and then a night i usually work 3-4 more. I'm pooped. Tomorrow is a really hectic day. I sure hope the other gal is enjoying her vacation. I'll need one after this.

Just about every afternoon we have thunderstorms. Sometimes it rains, but more than likely it's just a lot of lightening and thunder. Just enough to mess up an afternoon swim. Blah!

I'm sitting here in the bed surfing and hear this horrible noise. At first it sounds as if helicopters are flying really low. I live by an airport so that's not uncommon. Then it sounded as if it was going to land on my roof! By the time i got the blasted remote to work to mute the tv the sound stopped. hmmm... than a few mins later I heard it again. A-ha! I was the balance. Spinning. hahaha

I'm learning more and more about the laptop. There is this program that shows you how strong your signal is for the wireless. It looks like a radar that they follow planes on. The rings fade to light blue the further out they go. Each time I'd look at it there was my blip going around and another one. I just assumed that it was the "hub" or something or other. Today it dawned on me that if my blip is named...then this person's blip could be named too. ding! Person's blip? My neighbor has wireless! Apparently she has named her blip and I can pick up her signal from my house. I'll have to go over this weekend and ask if i can borrow her signal. I also need to figure out how to block someone from picking up my signal.

My friend's daughter and her husband went out of town and the hotel they stayed at did not have wireless access. They drove around some neighborhoods until they picked up a signal. Voila!

Another friend told me she recently received a flyer in the mail introducing wireless using towers - like cell phones! Can you imagine going anywhere and being able to pick up a signal?? Technology is amazing. I'll be excited to get more wi-fi places here in town.

Yah, i'm a geek, but my husband loves my geekiness!


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