Monday, August 08, 2005

Irest and relaxation

Hell week is over. Yes! Now to just get everything caught up. That will take the next week to do.

The pool is great. Ahh.. so nice to go in at noon and work on the tan. Finally my legs and arms are close to matching. I tan really fast/easy so hopefully before summer is over I will match.

School is just over a week away. Rich took the kids shoppin today. He went all over town, a neighboring town and just about scratched everything off the list. And he was not stressed! I'm just too anal. The kids whine and cry and beg to go home and "look at this, mom' is repeated over and over too many times. I'm usually grouchy and tired after shopping with them and it usually takes me 3 days!

It's his job from now on. I hate to shop!

I'm fading fast. Last night some girlfriends and i went to the new casino. We had fun, but lost all our money. Oh well. Not like we had much to lose.

Time for bed! I'm pooped. Gnite folks.

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