Wednesday, August 03, 2005

it just gets better and better...

Work is swamped. I have been so tired from working so much that at night i'm just too tired to even shower. Gotta love a job that you can shower on your lunch break haha.

When I say swamped...i means swamped. The week started off good with a mild surgery schedule and hardly any patients in the hospital. now? who opened the flood gates! I'm sure i'll be working this weekend too, to help with the backlog. ack! I hate having that stuff hanging over my head.

Rich has been working too and every night before coming home calls to see if he needs to pick up something. It's wonderful, but my tastebuds want some home-cooked meals. The kids have really been good about helping more around the house to free me up for work. They make me proud!

I steal a few moments each night on the laptop. It's soo nice to sit in bed and check email. Sure makes it enjoyable. Hopefully soon i can take time to watch a few movies i've been having to put off because Jessica has company over and they don't want to watch tv. Teens!

Oh well, time to hit the grind again. Lightening was bad earlier. Had to unplug the modem quickly. Even the surge protector and battery workup were on guard just in case the lights went out.

Hopefully I'll get semi caught up and can enjoy the new computer tonight because tomorrow is another day of hell with the surgery schedule.

Never a dull moment, that's for sure!

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