Tuesday, August 23, 2005


My aunt gave me a journal years ago and I've kept a journal ever since. I also keep one for each my kids. It's much easier to jot down likes/dislikes and happenings on a few lines in a book than finding the corresponding page in a baby book. Granted, I'm not always current in the writing... but I love reading thru the past entries. Funny how much your forget so many things.

Journals...letters... reminds me of The Notebook. I watched the movie a good while back but really wanted to read the book. My neighbor had it and after she was thru with it she loaned it to me. The book was waaay better. I read it today. Very easy read. I forgot how much I love reading. I have to work this weekend or I'd be headed to the library. Oh! I can even reserve books online. Gotta love technology. Gotta go look for the sequel.

I hosted Bonko at the house last night. We had a ball. I cook spaghetti and it was good. Spaghetti, salad with all the fixings, garlic toast, chips, dips, and strawberry cake with cream cheese icing. MMMMMM. We laughed and whooped and hollered and had a great time. Hard to believe I've played with this group for 13+ years.

Time to hit the hay... I worked a 12 hour day and I'm pooped!

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