Saturday, September 10, 2005

the email arrived...

I have a friend I met online who lives in New Orleans. I haven't heard from him since before the hurricane. Today I received an email from him. They had gone to Texas well before the storm. I am so relieved!

Now. To hear from friends in Mississippi. I have a feeling they left too. I'll just waiting and praying.

We have been really busy. Between the evaucees, the kids/school and work... I don't know if I'm coming or going. ON top of all this we got a new dog. Those who don't have enough trouble make their own.. or something like that.

Just before the storm we knew the incoming folks would be bringing pets. People and pets crammed into houses already too small would not work. This leads to pets needing homes. It's stressful enough having gone thru Katrina without adding to it with pets and cramped quarters. But, where would this leave pets already in shelters??

Rich started calling around. We discovered that our animal shelters and vets had placed all the pets they could in either foster homes or permanent homes before Katrina evacuees arrived in anticipation of pets needing a place to stay. Smart thinking!!!

Only one vet had a puppy. She must have just been brought in... she stunk!! And was full of fleas... but her spirit.. aww..her lil spirit... she was so tired, but managed to lick us all over when they showed her to us. She had that look in her eye of "I really would be a good dog...if you just give me chance.." I ask you, how can you say no to that????

She has got to be the best dog! Smart as a whip! Cute as a button... spoiled rotten already!

But...she has no name! Nothing seems to fit. It's been 5 days now... nothing.. My Puppy isn't gonna carry her thru adulthood LOL

Tonight I babysat for a friend. Her 14 month old is precious. He is a wonderful baby...but I forget all what having a baby around means!!! He's not a digger - thank goodness because there is lots to dig in around here. My kids are 10,13 and 16... it's no big deal to leave the power drill laying around or the extra screws LOL Clean sweep before he got here and all was fine... he's zzz and I'm just waiting up for my friend.

Guess I better hit the hay. Another day awaits!!

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