Tuesday, September 27, 2005

hit and hit hard

Rich is home. It's not looking so good. Extensive damage. Yes, my house is still there - and that is better than lots of people out there - but there is extensive damage. It's just easier to make a list:

Lots of shingles gone and it's down to the wood. Need a new roof.

Water went into the house from the roof.

Living room is soaked.

our beds are soaked.

Ceiling tile down in lots of places.

No tin on the front porch.

Little shed has 3/4 tin missing.

Big shed has major tin missing too.

Fences lying down.

three trees were snapped off right under where the branches started to grow and need to be cut down.

Best part? There is just stuff everyone. he said we have a porch in our yard. An entire porch and he don't recognize it. It's HUGE. He's not sure where it came from. He don't know where the tin for his big shed is. It's kinda pale yellow/tannish and he has looked all over and does not know where it is. Our neighbors mailbox came off the pole and was inside their shed. their rent trailor across the street from them is gone. The neighbor across the street, their trailor is on the ground and off the blocks. rich said there is much stuff just everyone. Looks like a bomb went off. he said it is horrible. the stuff is just... stuff. he said he cannot even begin to explain. I spoke with my neighbor last night and she said they don't even know where to begin. She said it's hot and stinky and horrible and there is so much stuff it lookes like a bomb exploded. Our town has basically no utility poles standing. It's horrible. I don't konw how long before we are able to go back. We had some fruit trees... fruit everyone. I told rich that must have been like missles flying thru the air with 120 mph winds.

In my brain I cannot comprehend this. I don't want to. I cannot imagine having to rebuild my home. it's drenched. I don't WANT to do this. I don't WANT to have to go thru this crap. yesterday i called around to get food - we are fortunate enough to stay with my best friend....but she cannot support us! i've got to do something today. My sister is here in town, maybe we can drive around to churches ... I feel deserted... abandoned... displaced. I know it's not as bad as katrina..and I know we are safe and secure and can stay here as long as we want... but when it's happening to you... it's a whole different story. i already started a claim with my insurance company... and FEMA. I never thought I'd EVER be doing this. my life is on chaos ... my world is shattered. time has stopped for me and yet the rest of the world goes on. I've been forgotten. Or so it feels like.

Diana - i live IN Lake charles. actually I live south of lake charles about 5-7 miles out of the city limits. I live 3 miles north of the cameron parish and Calcasieu Parish lines. I live 1 mile east of the Lake Charles airport. Lots of tornados spun off of that hurricane and did major damage all over our town.

I went with robin to church yesterday... and cried. and cried. It's just to hard to imagine. I saw another evacuee... she was from vinton, la. We just hugged and comforted each other. What else can you do.

keep the prayers coming guys. I have broken down yet and I know that is not good. i'm sure once I go home. Know I know why people just move. It's just too much. It will take a lot of work before our town is back on it's feet.

The national guard is there and there are stations to get water... walmart is opening from 7 to 3 and limited amounts of people can go in at a time. No pharmacy.

My neighbors went back. the women looked around and said there wsa no way they were staying. The men took a window a/c unit from our shed and put in their house window and have a generator to run it and are sleeping in the living room all together. rich has the camper set up and is sleeping there with a generator. We often say we'd like to live in the "good ole days." Welcome to them!

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