Monday, September 26, 2005

prayers answered!

I made Richard bless our house before we left. glad i did!! I'll write more later.. this is the latest news.

We are still in Shreveport.

our house has wind damage- no broken windows or holes. We do have missing shingles, tin and the fence is laying down.

Rich is on his way home. he can return because he works at a refinery. he is going to clean up some, open windows to air things out (fridge and freezers are icky!) and set up the camper. He has a generator, camper with a/c, gas, food and water to last a week. He'll clean up and then we'll see about going home.

we had a tornado hit the airport and then jump to the road over from us. i'm sure it was ruff. I had 2 neighbors stay.. i cant imagine the fear!

We have MASSIVE wind damage in town. Not as much flooding as they first predicted,,but the wind...trees and power lines down all over. We watched video on line and it don't even look like a town because there are no power lines visible.

It will take weeks and weeks before we get back up and running. Please keep us in prayers. Our town looks like a war zone.

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