Thursday, September 29, 2005

squeeky wheel gets the oil

and sometimes you just cannot squeek...and the oil still gets there because your friends squeek for you.

thank you friends!!!!!! It would be so easy to slip into a depression right now. It really would. I can see how people just say FORGET IT and move it. it just seems like so much work has to be done.

good news... you know that girl.. and her sisters... that blog I link to.. you know... those crazy girls... so far from home... ? yeah, those... from across the country they have managed to get their mom and I in contact. Guess what? Their mom lives 2 or 3 blocks over from where I am staying!

She brought us lots of goodies! oh how nice it is to have some perfume! To feel NORMAL. and sweet smelling soap! And razors!!! and detergent... ahh, the little things in life.

And all my other friends who have called/written to see what they can too can do... I cannot thank you enough!!!! i am so touched... I cannot begin to explain how much it means to me and my family. My kids are learning a valuable lesson abot life... we have to help each other.

Rich gives this update:

today we discovered the land line works!!!! So... if you are able to call.. (ya know, those free cell phones mins!) feel free to call and lift his spirits. It will do him some good. he says he is trying to prepare me for when I go home... but he don't think I will be able to prepare. It's really bad.

He is very proud of the way our city is handling things! Several small towns now have city water.. our town too, but we have a well. one small town nearby even has electricity!

Today a meeting will be held letting us know when we can expect to go back.

Call came in from Insurance adjustor... so hopefully it won't be too much longer to get things going.

We cannot live in our house. It's totally soaked.

he's slowly cleaning the yard. More stores are opening.. slowly.. we have a ship at the port to help with some things...

word of mouth (and now some land lines) is the way to get information to each other. guy across the street comes daily and he and rich work together in the yards.

My bird and two cats are there and fine!!!

My freezers and icebox (fridge for you northerners) is okay. He has the generator running them... he tossed the icebox stuff, but most in the freezers was good.

He has his good days and his bad days. the town is slowly getting cleaned up.

today i am going to red cross to see what they are offering.

We are truly blessed. some have it way worse than us and some will be total losses... I am very thankful ALL my family is okay...

we will survive...I started married life with nothing and worked my way up... i will start again and do the same.

i can see the light... and It's getting brighter!

time to run... got lots to do!

Take care all...keep those prayers coming.. they are working because i have not broken down yet (I think i'm in denial still).

will update when I can!!!

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