Tuesday, October 25, 2005

little comforts of home...

We are getting better each day. Let's see some updates:

MY FEMA TRAILER WAS DELIVERED ON MONDAY!!! Gorgeous does not even begin to describe it. To have privacy, room to move about and small comforts from home... you forget how much you appreciate the microwave, fridge, 2 sinks and a private bedroom. Oh a private bedroom! Whoo hooo!

The yard is clean. The sides of the road..well... they still have a ways to go. Our regular weekly trash pickup is caught up after being 2 wks late. Poo-wee.

Rich just came in from locking up and I want to go snuggle. It's so nice to have privacy!!! hehehe

Sunday, October 23, 2005

dialup is the pits

I cannot wait for my cable to come back on! I miss my speedy, super-dooper connection. TV is not missed - said by my kids! wow! But the internet connection... man... I really miss that. Uploads pictures takes forever! Or worse, it times out. Soon as I get cable I will up load lots more pictures. Mother nature is amazing.

The kids will start school on Tuesday. I think they are excited. I still get mail sporatically. The limb picker upper crew got about 1/4 of the way down my street today. I'll be so glad when all this garbage is picked up. House garbage is behind 2 weeks now. I am running out of room.

The weather has turned cool and we are having wind gusts. I live out by the airport and it is open space..so you feel it. I'm sure the camper will rock and roll all night and I won't sleep worth a damn!

We have some things in the works as far as housing.. will update more later when it's written in stone. :) Don't wanna jinx it!
This is a tree uprooted next to my parents' outdoor kitchen, taking a few water lines with it!
This is what 120 mph winds can do to metal. Amazing.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

one week later

Things have improved in the week since we have been home but we still have a long way to go. A very long way.

Walmart is open from 8 to 6. And sherriff's are at the doors and lots of employees are standing and watching.

McDonald's has 3 "meals" on the menu. That's it. There are some other fast food places open and they are doing the same thing.

School is supposed to start Oct 25th. I don't know how. Kids are living all over in other districts and don't have a way to get to school other than the bus. And lots of kids are still not back or have no home to live in. I'll have to dig around and find the kids' stuff that was in their backpacks. We have it.. somewhere. We also have uniforms. I wonder how many will not.

We are living in the popup pulled next to the patio. The house has mold and is damaged too back to live in. Fortunately I am able to use the kitchen (after MUCH cleaning), the laundry room, all appliances and our bathroom. Rich pulled a portable building for me to have an office to continue working at home. It's really nice. Sometimes I don't wanna leave the building. It takes me back to the real world. The world that is still in such shambles.

The kids are doing okay. They seem oblivious that a major hurricane came thru. Daniel even asked if he could have a friend spend the night. HUH?? We are living in a camper. LOL kids! I'm glad that it doesn't have them down tho.

Jessica is ready to start school again. Sarah loves being home to help and play with the critters.

We are doing all right. It could be a lot worse. I've seen worse. We are taking it just one day at a time. Slowly. no hopes, no dreams.. they get shattered. Tomorrow is another day and it will get better. It has to.

Time to go heat up supper. Rich BBQ'd yesterday MMMMMM

Tomorrow is the first time I will attend my church since the storm. Each week we say a prayer of protection from storms. Had we not been saying that..i cannot imagine how bad it would be. I'm looking forward to seeing familiar faces..but I know the tears will start and I will be unable to stop them. Maybe i need a good cleansing?

We shall see. I just want to be with family and friends...

Thanks everyone.. I know the prayers are working. Or I would have cracked by now.

Keep them coming.. God is answering your prayers.
Porch is gone!
Home away from home.
No more shingles, no more porch.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

having faith

I feel like my life is going two steps forward and 5 backwards.

God never gives us more than what we can handle. God sure has a lot of faith in us. I know we will get through this. It's a long road. But I really dislike seeing some light, getting excited and then having it snuffed out.

I'm learning there is no easy quick fixes and that I am no in control. And I do not set my own path.

It's hard for me. I don't like not having direction or a plan. I like to know what to expect and where to go.

My husband keeps me strong. I only hope I to do the same for him and the kids.

Life is hell here in the South. But my faith keeps me going. It's all I have at this point.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Sorry to have waited so long. I've been really busy, as you can imagine.

I think we go through several phases in times of crises.

Shock. Denial. Survival.

I went through this when we evacuated. And I have to go through it again now that I'm home.

The drive home was fine. Hardly anyone on the roads. The damage started as high up as Many, La. The closer we got to home, the worse it was. Even Jessica noticed everything was laying over from East to West...the way the spiral of the hurricane spins. So much wind damage. So much. Overwhelmingly so. You just cannot image. Some of you can. Some would have to see it for themselves to believe it. Trees with half the leaves. Like a line drawn down the center of the tree. Once side looks like a normal tree. The other side is bare. Stripped clean.

It's so bright outside. There are very few treetops. So the sun just burns down.

When I turned on my road..to see my neighbors outside working..trying to put things in some kind of order. Both sides of my street were lined with garbage about 4 feet high. Limbs brown and dry, metal roofs, lumber... all in piles.. and wet carpet, moldy things..and the stench, which was nothing compared to today when the trash finally ran and each time a can was opened.ugh... the smell... worse than the soured milk smell of a school cafeteria.

We have electricity and are living in our popup. Waiting on the insurance man to come on friday. Hopefully he can help us with a place to live. AFterall, I pay out the whazoo for that policy in my insurance. FEMA should be here within a week. So the letter says. Our mail is running on Tuesdays and Thursdays only. Great. And utilities are coming in and I need to sit down and pay bills. But who has the time? I have more important things on my mind at the moment. Slowly but surely we are making progress. I took a nap this afternoon. I don't sleep well at night. The light shines in through the camper, the dogs bark, the birds chirp.. our entire fence is down so the dogs are tied up... and I feel very vurnerable. When Rich returns to nights I will have to sleep at my parents house. I don't think I'll feel safe here.

Lots of neighbors are home..many are not. Some don't have a place to come home to. It's incredible the damage that was done just on my street. Blue roofs are everywhere. And trees are down all over...and lots of them.

Today the mold guy came to look at the house. he said he has not seen anything this bad. Oh great. He has to get his supervisor to come give the quote, he don't know where to begin. Black, green and dark green mold. Keep your fingers crossed that they condemn it! It would be so much easier.

Time to scoot. I'm having NO problem sleeping these days...and I'm dog tired before 10 p.m.. I'm getting good workouts that's for sure!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

a lil light...off in the distance

lets see.... updates:

1. Registered with red cross. Should receive a check. ( a check? in the mail? - just seems strange to me) It will greatly help!

2. Saw Richard for oh...2-3 hours yesterday while running around to get things done. short but ...well..tense. We are so looking forward to getting HOME.

3. Went to see FEMA to speak with the mold guy - rich is doing all the right things.

4. Had some reimbursement from our insurance company for cost of living expenses - thank goodness our agent is as helpful as he is and pushed for the "delux" policy. gotta love him!!!

5. I spoke with a FEMA woman today on the phone and she said she would make a notation that we have someone at home WAITING for the adjustor and he/she would make the notation that our house is not livable and that we would qualify for a trailor or camper to live in while our house is being fixed. Sounds WONDERFUL, but I know it will take some time to get a trailor to us. Thank goodness we have an acre and have room to put it and be close to our house and I can still work from home.

Things are looking up.. it's slow but it will come together.

today my grandmother and I are relaxing and taking a day off. It will be nice to get back to our OWN schedules... it will take time.. but I cannot wait This holiday season will be lots of tears.. lots to be thankful for.

Off to do laundry!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

surviving and limbo

We have been so busy. It takes all day to do the simplest of things. things have come together and are holding. Not moving forward.. just holding.. limbo.

we are trying to plan out where we will live when we go back home. It's hard when the insurance agent hasn't come yet to look at your home nor FEMA. you just wait... wait and clean. clean and wait. and wait some more.

We are hoping my grandmother's house has no damage on the inside. we think we will live there while the house is being worked on. How long with that take? Who knows. there are hundreds of people who need the same. Get in line. If she has damage (water) on the inside..we don't know what we will do.

Do we just get a trailor and move it on the land and live there and doze the house? Do you buy a funky tailor and live there on the land while we rebuild? Do we rebuild? We have family that is going to need help in cleaning up yards. Not to mention iceboxes and freezers that have been sitting for almost 2 weeks turning to funk inside. Can you image the smell?? I don't even want to think about it.

We have water and gas and rich salvaged our freezer and icebox. No funk there. He's spoken to the insurance guy, but it will be 3 weeks before he can come and look at our house. three weeks??? Then we'll have to line up workers. HOW? How long will that take??? rich is doing all the clean up work he can, but he is not allowed to make repairs. Preventing further damage repair is okay. But they don't want you to make repairs until after they look at it. then get over there! He's one of few in the city...go now... get that one knocked out the way! ARGH! I know there is a lot behind the scenes I do not see... and I know it takes time.. but they need to send a bazillion workers to do this and get it done!

I've enrolled the kids in school here. they were not too happy, but I keep telling them to look at it as an adventure... many memories for down the line. They like having a routine and a "job"...they don't like the fact they have homework and having to get up. But it was good to see them smile and have stories to tell from school...and have them be TIRED at night. idles minds are not a good thing.

rich says in a few days we should have electricity. He'll secure things at home and then come up here to see us. I'm counting the days. he's my best friend.. and I miss him. I miss his comforting touch when he walks by.. his smile when he sees me.. his way of talking that makes me feel as tho everything is going to be okay and he will be there to protect us.. and keep us close. I miss his snoring at night.. and I miss his smell. Even tho sometimes it isn't too nice LOL I miss his smell. his hand on my hip when he opens the door or to guide me in the right direction. I miss hearing him joke with the kids and calling me by my pet name. I miss the kids being excited to see him.. I miss the family.

jessica said she wanted it to go back to how it was before the storm. there is no going back. It's only moving forward. Forward with a lot of work ahead.

Robin and I were talking... and askin WHY this happened. what did we "do" to deserve this?? I believe everything happens for a reason and a purpose... and I'm trying to put my finger on it.. and you cannot. There is a much higher power at work. Our lives were laid out from long ago to bring us where we are today. and even today's things are the groundwork for the future. But as we were talking, robin and I, we realized that maybe... people need to stop and help each other. Stop relying on agencies and programs and others... we have to help each other. we have to get back to being kind and respectful and helping each other. We all live in our own little bubbles... our own worlds. We are so afraid to leave our security... but we are all human..and we all should stop and help each other. Nobody is better than others... we are all we have... each other.

Jeanie - I cannot begin to tell you the excitement on my kids' faces... it was like CHRISTMAS! I hope you do not mind..but i passed your letter around the table and all the adults read it.. and we all cried. My grandmother passed it up... she said she wanted to read it in private. We are greatly touched and very much appreciate the time and effort that went into sending those boxes! the kids were just tickled..and it was a great lesson for them to see that people they have never met care... and that will stay with them for a lifetime.

lets all hope that we have started a circle of helping.. and it will continue any time we have the chance.

Now, we are off to meet my sister and her family for lunch at a local soup kitchen. we have met lots of other wonderful people there too and it's nice to see familiar faces :)

See ya later!!!!