Sunday, October 23, 2005

dialup is the pits

I cannot wait for my cable to come back on! I miss my speedy, super-dooper connection. TV is not missed - said by my kids! wow! But the internet connection... man... I really miss that. Uploads pictures takes forever! Or worse, it times out. Soon as I get cable I will up load lots more pictures. Mother nature is amazing.

The kids will start school on Tuesday. I think they are excited. I still get mail sporatically. The limb picker upper crew got about 1/4 of the way down my street today. I'll be so glad when all this garbage is picked up. House garbage is behind 2 weeks now. I am running out of room.

The weather has turned cool and we are having wind gusts. I live out by the airport and it is open you feel it. I'm sure the camper will rock and roll all night and I won't sleep worth a damn!

We have some things in the works as far as housing.. will update more later when it's written in stone. :) Don't wanna jinx it!

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