Thursday, October 06, 2005

a lil in the distance

lets see.... updates:

1. Registered with red cross. Should receive a check. ( a check? in the mail? - just seems strange to me) It will greatly help!

2. Saw Richard for oh...2-3 hours yesterday while running around to get things done. short but ...well..tense. We are so looking forward to getting HOME.

3. Went to see FEMA to speak with the mold guy - rich is doing all the right things.

4. Had some reimbursement from our insurance company for cost of living expenses - thank goodness our agent is as helpful as he is and pushed for the "delux" policy. gotta love him!!!

5. I spoke with a FEMA woman today on the phone and she said she would make a notation that we have someone at home WAITING for the adjustor and he/she would make the notation that our house is not livable and that we would qualify for a trailor or camper to live in while our house is being fixed. Sounds WONDERFUL, but I know it will take some time to get a trailor to us. Thank goodness we have an acre and have room to put it and be close to our house and I can still work from home.

Things are looking up.. it's slow but it will come together.

today my grandmother and I are relaxing and taking a day off. It will be nice to get back to our OWN schedules... it will take time.. but I cannot wait This holiday season will be lots of tears.. lots to be thankful for.

Off to do laundry!

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