Sunday, November 20, 2005

How much More can we take?

I don't know what is going on or when things will settle down... but I don't know how much more we can take.

My husband's father passed away Monday night. Since then it has been a whirlwind around here. The week zipped by - it was just too fast. Too sudden. Too soon. A life too short. My FIL was 60 yrs old.

After the storm he got really weak and tired and went to the hospital. They found out then that he had MDS and had it for a very long time. He was in the final stages. He used the last weeks of his life to spend time alone with this wife and sons and get everything in order so that when he died everyone would know his wishes and things would be finalized and my MIL would not be left not knowing what to do. He was a very organized man and it really helped all the way around.

My MIL is a bit lost - to be expected. She is doing remarkably well considering. Rich and his brother are rediscovering a lost relationship. THAT is awesome to see. They are 9 yrs apart and basically don't know each other. My MIL and I are working to change that. Family is important to all of us and now we want to be a big family together. It sure is a good feeling.

Needless to say, we have been very busy around here. Still waiting on insurance to get their hiney in gear and let us know what the outcome of our house is going to be. The weather is gloomy and gray and all around icky. I have so much work to do it's unreal! I need to get to typing and yikes! the girls need to clean the camper table and couch. Looks like a whirlwind has hit.

Time to get shaking!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Home Sweet Home

A few have asked to see the camper in which we are currently living. So here goes! It's 33 feet long and has a slideout living room/dining room. It has a master bedroom in the front, then the living/kitchen/dining area, then the split bathroom with a shower and sink on one side and a toilet on the other, and the 4 bunks at the very end. It's wonderful! Central air and heat, skylights and it even has an awning! It has a stovetop and oven, microwave, freezer, fridge. It even came with a dvd/radio, which the kids and I are really enjoying when watching movies. Hog heaven or what for those of us who love camping!!?? We've moved the porch deck to the front of the camper so when it rains we can still walk outside and not be in a mud puddle. I have awning lights (frogs, imagine!) and we are doing well.

Sarah and I did some arranging of food in storage yesterday after coming back from the store. Shifting and moving stuff to better places seems to be a never ending thing we do around here. The kids play outside until dark and then come in for supper and showers. They are tired at the end of the day and go to bed without a problem.

Time to do laundry. I am able to use the laundry room in my house as it is right at the back door. I just shut the door from it to the rest of the house and wash away!


The mold men from our insurance came Saturday. They said we have extensive mold and would rather us stay out of the house as much as possible. He said they will have to cut off the entire roof of our house in order to fix the mold problem i the attic. That does not include the mold remediation in the house. I think we are one stop closer to demo'ing the house. Even the mold guy himself said he would really like to see us get a new house! Wow!

He said to give it to God (it was really nice to speak to a person with a passion for God who is also in charge of the mold situation in my house!).

We shall see!!

I hear laundry calling again! ack! where are my earplugs!!!??

Friday, November 11, 2005

None of your bizness

Why do we worry about what others think of us and our decisions? Why? I mean, didn't we make these decisions after careful thought? Didn't we make the best choice for us at that time?? Then why do we let what others would have done question the choices we made? They are not us and we are not them.

Best advice my friend gave me yesterday:

It's none of your business what others think about you.

I like that. You're right. It is none of my business. So I'm not going to worry about it! I'm happy with my choices and I don't think I need to explain them to anybody.

Saturday, November 05, 2005


My beautiful daughter and her handsome boyfriend. Off to the dance!!

special night

Tonight is a very special night. I have lots of errands to run and need to scoot. I'm sure I will have lots of pictures to share! My 6 in 1 printer is fried, so I bought a card reader! Amazing lil gadget. So now I can share lots and lots of pictures!

My froat is all scatchy and it's even itching up into my ears.. ouch! Hopefully I can find something that works. The doctor will just tell me it's a cold and send me on my merry way. Normally this develops into strep for me. Gotta take another dose of Nyquil and hit the shower. Kidlets will be up soon wanting to use the ONE bathroom. Oh well.. it could be worse.. a lot worse.

Check back later!!!!

Thursday, November 03, 2005


Below are random pictures of the damage in our town. Just wanted to share now that my cable is up and running.

Time to take a bath and have some red beans and rice :) Good ole southern supper!

See ya laterz - a lil homemade wine does wonders for the soul LOL

Everything leans from the east to the west due to the strong winds. Even trees cannot be pushed back into an upright position!!
this boardwalk went from the river boats to the sea wall (civic center). It's all but gone now!

now for some pictures...

Here are the river boats. They have washed up on shore. And boy does it stink! that ole bayou mudd!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

ahhh, my cable internet is up and running!

Bless the gods! It's soo good to be speedy again!

Once I get back into the swing of having computer access, I should be updating more. Of course, it is nice to do other things besides vegg in front of the computer LOL

Gotta go see about night time routines... this daylights savings time is for the birds!!!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

kthank goodness!

After last nights thunderstorm.. I am soo grateful for my hardsided camper!!!! WHEW! The winds blew and the rain fell..but I was sleeping by 9:30 and only woke up twice. Once when Rich came to bed and once when the alarm went off for him to go to work! It feels good to be able to sleep!

It's cloudy and windy. Gray and icky. Laundry to do this afternoon and a meal to cook for a friend who had surgery recently. Lots to do! With the kids not getting home until 4:15, that gives me a little time to get things down without them underfoot.

gotta go! work is calling!