Wednesday, July 19, 2006

July? Already!?

Yikes! We are more than halfway through July! This year has really flown by.

My teen is a driver now. Zipping all over and it's niiiice. She's really enjoying her independence. Last night she discovered she was low on power steering fluid. It was so cute to her with smudges of grime on her forehead and fingers and cheek LOL She got the manual, checked the levels and .. CALLED DAD hahaha. She found the fluid, filled the tank and is keeping a close eye on it. Great lesson about responbility and upkeep of having your own car. She's a great driver and I'm not near as nervous as I was the first day!


Funny, we could not understand WHY our parents were so nervous with us driving. Now I know! And I also know how she feels.

It's so nice with dentist, ortho, and errands. I have no doubt when she really spreads her wings and ventures into the big world, she will do just fine. She makes us so proud.


As Rich and I rode around after the hurricane, we talked about how long we thought it would take for our town to get back to prestorm. He said a year, easily. I said NO WAY. We southerners are a hard-working people!

It's almost been 10 months and we are still not back to prestorm. Most businesses are still running with small amounts of workers. A few weeks ago I saw Walmart had a sign saying they were gonna be open at 5a.m. soon. It use to be 24 hours, so I'm not sure now what their hours are.

I guess I was in denial about how much damage we actually had. It's hard to image such wide spread damage. There are many like us who are still not moving forward. Many have moved, never to return. It's so sad.

We finally received our last check from our insurance. Yeah! We have been looking at houses and land - but everything goes soo fast and is soo expensive. IT's hard to find something that meets what we need, and we've decided we are not going to "settle". So we just keep looking and praying. One day the right place will show itself. I've got enough to keep me busy for now.

I have a house to get rid of. Anyone want a cheap house?

Sunday, July 02, 2006

crazy thinking

I use to think I was quirky. Now I'm not so sure.

Do you group your canned goods together in the pantry? All the corn, all the green beans, etc. Of course! It makes is so much easier to find things.

Then I also group them by fruits, meats, veggies, etc. Just easier to find them.

The books I use for work are colored - makes it easier to find the one I need. So put them in color order.

Clothes in my closet were/are the same way. All the red shirts go together, the blue, the green... the shirts come first, then the pants.. then I split it off from everyday and dressy. I also put them colors in order. You know.. Roy G Biv. :)

I also noticed my keys on my keychain all lay with notches facing the same direction. They are also grouped according to how often they are used. Most used is in the middle.. then it fans out to either side. One side being the ones around here, the other is for family's house keys, gates, etc. Can't be mixing them up you know. I also have rubber keylets on them, which are colored so I can find the key faster. Orange for Office, Green for House, etc.

Guess I'm more organized than I thought. These are small things to organize. Easy to control and stay on top of things.

Laundry? Forget it. I gave that job to Jessica and she does an awesome job at it!

Time to get moving.. lunch at MILs today :)

Much thought

My house is insanely quiet. Sarah is still in Georgia, at my brother's. While I know she is having a wonderful time... I miss her so much.

There are no giggles, no stories, no can we's or what if's. No stories of her crazy dreams or crazy ideas of things we could do.

I miss that creativity of hers. That imagination that never seems to stop. That pushing the limits of acceptable.

I hate this quietness, the stillness.

I enjoy that hustle and bustle a lot more than I let myself admit.

I will be so happy to have her home.

I miss Sarah. And each day that goes by, I miss her more and more.

Monday, June 19, 2006

6.5 inches!

Yes! We got some rain today!!! Who hoo! We sure needed it. What were you thinking?? OH! You dirty-minded heathen LOL

It rained from 2am until... close to 5pm. There was a lot of lightening last night. I snuggled up close to my honey - I don't like bad weather.
After an hour it stopped but the rain continued.

Daniel is back from Georgia. Sarah stayed. I have to go pick her up in 4 weeks. I sure miss her giggles and sillyness. Her crazy stories and her wild ideas. I'm sure she is having a ball with her cousin. She said they went iceskating! She said her legs hurt LOLOLOL Her knee was all wobbly. I would have loved to see that.

The new girl we hired is on vacation. The old gal quit 2 days before her vacation came up. Yes, that leaves me in a crack and that crack is very tight!!! I don't know whether I'm coming or going or what the hell needs to be typed pronto.

I'm gonna NEED my vacation! I sure hope my boss approves it! I have to go pick up Sarah in Geogia. If she don't approve it.. may have to check me into the funny farm! cook-coo! Hopefully OTHER new girl will be easy breezy and the new girl will come back full of spunk and ready to go. I sure hope so. I'm tired and it's just the first day.

Of note.. Rich hooked up the VCR so now I can tape/watch all the shows I been missing. Who would have thought I'd miss TV? I like to watch tv while I fold clothes/do bills, etc.. and sometimes there is just nothing worth watching. This way I can fast forward through the commercials.

I know.. why not get tivo and catch up with the rest of 2006... it's not offered in our area. Oh the joys of living in a small town. One day.... one day....

I caught a glimpse of the Soaps one day last week. Man, those people have AGED! And the same crises keeps going around.. affairs, stolen babies, identies and crimes of passion. bleh! I'm so glad I never watched them much.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

A lil Sunshine!

A very good friend of mine had extra tickets for a concert and wanted to share the love! I was so glad she did. I was able to call my sister to join me and we had a wonderful time!!!


Who? WHO? WHO????

I'm talking about a band that takes me back to the skating rink, couple skates, tight jeans with huge purple combs in the back pocket to fix your feathered hair with!

I'm talking about KC and the Sunshine Band!

We had an awesome time despite the floor workers threatening to take everyone's cameras and phones. What asses!

My friend was able to take my camera backstage and get some photos!

Before the concert we ate at the casino buffet. mmm and one of the drivers met up with us. After the concert a group of us were in one of the bars and the keyboard player joined us. Too cool!

My kids will be disappointed... they love his music.. but I was able to purchase a new CD at the concert - mine were lost in the hurricane!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

No explanation needed

I am 38 years old. I do not need to explain my actions or my decisions or my choices to anyone other than God.

I do not shop. I hate to shop.

I do not get my nails done or hair done on a regular basis - the joys of curly hair! I do not get it highlighted.

I do not tan.

I do not smoke.

I do not drink.

I do not go to movies.

We do not eat out on a regular basis - weekends only! All other meals are cooked from scratch at home - my choice!

We do not travel frequently or vacation in ritzy spots.

We each have a cell phone - best thing ever!

We have cable and cable internet.

We have no bills. None. We pay our utilities and insurance. That's it!

We both work.

We go to church on a regular basis.

Why does my family act insane when they call me and find out I'm at the casino.

The world is gonna come to an end because I "gave" the casino my money? Yeah, all 40 bucks!

My friend and I try to go twice a month. Sometimes I cannot go that often. So what if I drop 60 or 70? In a month? Whoo hoo! Yah, I"m out of control.

It's MY fun.

Why are moms/women made to feel bad for having fun? Yet we are often told we need to do something for ourselves - pamper ourselves so we will be the best for our family.

My husband chews tobacco. He has since he was 17. I wonder how much of our hard earned money he has spit on the ground?

Yet nothing is ever mentioned to him.

He hunts. He fishes. He pays for a hunting lease.

Nothing is ever said to him.


I never said anything to my parents when they left the day after my second child was born by cesarean section. They were gone for six weeks. On a motorcycle. All the way to Nova Scotia.

I never said anything to my parents when they sold the motorcycle and got a motor home. Or when they traveled all over the US leaving for weeks at a time.

I never say anything about their all night card games and dinners with friends.

I am happy for them. They don't owe me any explanation why they do the things they do.

Why doesn't the same apply to me? They sure don't question my brother or my sister, as far as I know.

Middle child. Always trying to keep everyone happy.

Now it is MY turn. I don't owe anyone an explanation.

Sunday, May 28, 2006


Sarah has a friend over to spend the night - ON A SCHOOL NIGHT!

You'd swear by my other two kids that THEY never got to anything like that and Sarah ALWAYS gets to do things they never did!


Sarah and her friend are up in the loft, above us. They are flipping thru the yearbook and I hear:

Like, like, like, HATE, (giggle)
Why do you hate her?
One day she ran into me and she pushed me and I flew against the wall.,. and she never said she was sorry!
Really? Wow!

What about her?
Don't really know her.
Look at him!
He's so cute!

Now they are giggling so hard.. they can barely get syllables out.

Oh, to be 11 again!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

stop the presses!!!!

I have a sink. A sink with running water and it drains! Now, to some of you that won't be any major ordeal.. But to us who have been living in a camper for seven months this is a major ordeal. We are slowly moving into our mini house. It;s a huge portable building that my wonderfully amazing husband has transformed into a mini home complete with my jacuzi tub from my bathroom, all my brand new kitchen cabinets, countertops and brand new mattresses for the beds!

And today... he finished the kitchen sink. Who knew it would take 2 full days! I'm thinking cut a hole and drop it in, a few connections.. NOT!

But it is absolutely beautiful!!! I have enjoyed washing dishes all day. I'm sure it will get old soon,, but for now I"m enjoying every minute of it!

Slowly but surely we are getting close to semi normal!

And hurricane season is a few days away. Oh joy!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

18 years of wedded bliss!

Okay, so not all 18 have been blissful... but.. for the most part.. I wouldn't change a thing. The ups and downs have made us closer as a couple and a team as parents. Everything we have gone through has made us who we are today. I'm happy with us :) Here's to another 18+!

We thought it was bad to worry about gators in the ditches? Apparently, we need to watch where we are walking in the yard! Sarah said she saw a gray snake under my office last week. The fear on that child's face! She carried Pookie, afraid a snake was going to gobble her up!

Sunday, Rich was working on water lines and what did he see slithering across the yard coming towards him??

A 4+ FOOT WATER MOCCASIN! He grabbed his pistol and no more snake! Water moccasins are not to be taken lightly! And at 4+ feet, he can really do some damage to a person or critter!

Our chicks are growing so fast! We've moved them to the yard and put the mammas in there with them at night. The chicks are still too small to let wander around during the day with the flock. Soon though. Hopefully I can snap a few pictures soon and show you how cute they are scratching and pecking in the grass!

Time to type. The other gal in on vacation and I don't wanna get too far behind!

Friday, May 12, 2006


Today I submitted our house contents list. I feel good. We still have not gone through the 2 sheds.. but we should see a good check from the contents. I was surprised at how much stuff we actually had! Wow!

One step forward. Two steps back.

Phone call yesterday - another guy has been assigned to our claim.


Get your stuff straight already! I want to stop paying insurance on a house I am not living in! Is that fair???

We will see what he has to say. Maybe he is bringing my check? Or my agents head on a silver platter? We shall see. I'm trying to stay positive. That is very hard these days. Normally I am a very up beat person. This has taken it's toll on me.

I brought Daniel to his neurologist today. He asked how things were going at home. I mentioned living in a camper and then I started crying. I almost left the room. It was so hard to see my son sit there and tell the doctor it was "okay" ( a good okay too) to be living in a camper 7 months later!

Had as a mom/parent. So hard. As hurricane season approaches again..I dunno how much longer we can do this.. I'd never wish this on anybody!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Billy Gator

Sarah named her gator Billy. Billy was picked up by the Wildlife Refuge people and released into the bayous far away. Unfortunately, I was unable to get any pictures. They were in and out of here with Billy in a matter of moments.

Today, Sarah came to me with a blue jay on her finger. Yes! A real one! A baby one. He fell from a nest and she picked him up before the cat could get him. He was so cute! That girl has such a way with animals!

There is lots going on in our lives. Most of it I cannot write about. It's all good. Moving forward.. getting things done. I just want to wait until it's all over before I say anything.

The stress of all these million directions of things is enough to make me keep my mouth shut. I don't wanna be bombarded with questions of how, when, where and why. I'll let you know as soon as I can. I promise. It's all good, remember that. A good friend said when you have to wait a long time for something.. God usually doubles the reward. I think we are gonna be so blessed. So very blessed.

I've written before about submission.. this is one of those times I totally give rein to my husband and agree with his final decision without even thinking. I trust him and know his decisions are based on what he feels is right for his family. Still, it's very scary. I'm not a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda girl.. so this type of giving control over is very hard for me. But, it's working. I'm already seeing the benefits.

I'm confusing you.. I'll hush!

Just remember, God is so good, all the time!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

What was that??

Sarah was riding her bike yesterday and happened to look down and spotted this in our ditch.

No, this does not happen on a daily basis! I've seen them in canals..but never in a ditch in a neighborhood!

Rich is gonna try and catch it today and release it in the bayou.

Monday, May 01, 2006

He really don't like me now!

I made my phone calls.

First to the adjustor - who was really nice today! Seems Mr. Adjustor worked all weekend.. awww.. even on his day off Sunday to get it completed! Bless his heart.

Called Agent - He was really, really short with me. I asked if he had heard anything.. NO. Called anyone? No. Could he give me the number to Greg? He asked if I had it in my "notes." Uhm.. No, because you refused to give it to me yesterday, remember?

Greg calls - Assures me he has spoken to adjustor and it has been completed, being priority mailed to Florida where they will look at it and okay funds. Uhm.. okay. And how long with this take? He says 7 to 10 days. Hmmm.. not the story he gave me on Friday.. but at this point I'm already feeling this poor man has done more than his share.

Agent calls back - I tell him that it was odd Greg said if my house was indeed totalled it should have gone to a different department and expedited immediately. He gets very, very snotty with me and says we don't have to go backwards and how I don't have to call every single day because this would have been handled.

OH? In 7 months *I* have done all the calling to get me this far.. and now suddenly you have had enough??

He says we have spoken enough in the past 5 days. Enough? I should have done this early on and maybe it would have pushed them to getting something done already!

He tells me it WOULD have been handled and that I have felt it was not.. whoa buddy. It's not about feeling it hasn't been handled.. IT HAS NOT BEEN HANDLED AT ALL.

I again tell him that *I* have done all the phone calls and he says "no you have not. I just called you."

Uhm.. okay Mr. Third Grader.. you just called me BACK.

To which he says ... "we can go round and round. "

And I say, "Yes, but you don't have to get snotty with me."

And he says, "Well, you are going to go to a different insurance anyways, so it really doesn't matter!"

"Uhm, yes, it does. You are to be professional about your business. had you been treating me and handling my claim appropriately I would not have to call you daily. Furthermore, how you handle it from here on out says a lot about you and your business. You can take the high road or you can take the low road, the call is yours to make."

To which he replied, "Well,you can take the high road too!"

I say, "Oh, trust me, I have. I have. I could have caused a REALLY BIG STINK. "

long ... long... pause.

I gather my strength not to yank him through the phone and say:
"I'll be looking forward to your call saying I can come get my money and have this settled."


Does it seem fair that Mr. Agent is taking hourly lunches while his people are waiting to find out their fate 7 months after the damage? Does it seem right that he never checked into our claim after 7 months and asked why is this taking so long?? Is it right for him to cop and attitude with me because I have called daily to find out the situation on MY claim?? Something HE should have been doing. At one point they said they would call and check in with us... they did ONCE. They day after the adjustors came and said they would stay on top of things... they failed. Again.

So people... hear us in the South! Don't think you are in Good Hands!

It's your own hands you are left in... I have paid another year of insurance on a house I have not lived in for 7 months. Is that right?

They are also saying premiums will be raised.... my mom and dad's was. THey cannot tell them why. Some were raised, some were not. They don't know why.

Good hands? I think not!


I don't think my agent likes me very much. He and I went round and round again on Friday until I finally just said, "Ya know, just give me person's name and number how is ABOVE the adjustors."

Needless to say, I was a bit pissed when the guy I called informed me he was just an adjustor, just the same as the one I currently have. So.. my agent didn't give me the number/name above them... and I"m not happy. He will be hearing about that.

I plan on calling both the adjustor and agent again today! Surely the computer system is not STILL down. And if it is, they best be pushing some pencil on some paper! What did people do before computers????

geeze.. enough already!

I'll update later!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

ALL Snake!

It's been 7 months since the hurricane. We have still not settled with the insurance company. SEVEN. LONG. MONTHS.

I called today. Let's just say they KNOW who I am and KNOW I am not happy with how we have been treated and the way our claim has been handled.

Do I think they really care? No. I plan to call them daily from this point forward to see how my claim is going. If they cannot light a fire.. well.. this coonass sure can.

I told my agent today that this was unacceptable to me. We had our THIRD adjustor with them out last Wednesday. They said it would take 2 wks to get everything entered in the computer. HUH? You have had 2 previous adjustors enter things on our claim, I handed you a breakdown of the entire house from OUR contractor.. and you say it's gonna take 2 wks?

Today they called. Uhm.. well.. computer has been down.. and uh.. gonna be another week or so.


The agent agreed this has gone on too long. So my reply was: Well, light a fire. Get off your tail and light a fire or I will. Go above these people and light a fire.. you don't want me coming down there to the office. I assure you!

He agreed he didn't feel that would be necessary.. he said Richard had been there previously. OH? Ya don't say!? And still you have NOT gotten off ya tail and done anything??

Why should *WE* do all the work? Last I looked, I paid YOU to take care of ME!?

I tell ya... get ready! I read All Snake is gonna start dropping policies all along the shores. They are afraid they are gonna go under. HELLO? You WERE a leading company. Where is all that money people have paid in???

Better check your policies and contact your agents. Ask how quickly they settled claims, how many complaints they had and how many they have dropped.

Act quickly! Hurricane Season starts JUNE 1st! Maybe this year they will name a hurricane after ME. Gonna feel like one blew thru soon!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

give me strength, Oh Lord!

Give me strength to deal with these teenagers! Aliens have snagged their souls and left some undeserving , smart-mouthed, lazy droid in their place. Give me back my child!

I tell ya what.. it takes all my patience these days to not pack the bag and send the kid away! Sometimes, I really don't care where either!

All I ask is for you to pick up after yourself. When you ask to be brought here and there we do it. We know how important being with your friends is and how much fun those teen years are supposed to be.

So when I ask you to put the damned clothes washing.. JUMP UP AND DO IT ALREADY!!

Now you will have plenty of time... because..


Now, I feel better :)

Monday, April 17, 2006


Hope everyone had a HOPPY Easter! It was good to spend time with family!

We also stopped in at a church where our friend is the pastor... they had a program running.. it was really neat! It was called Three Days Later. It was set up like a road in town and as you walked there were "stations" set up. At each station there was a story told to you by the person. It was really neat! I'll get some pictures up soon.

Our third insurance adjustor came today. It was a husband and wife team. They were not happy to see our contractor here. Oh well. There are here to help us and help us they did.

The insurance adjustors walked thru and said, "You've maxed your policy." No measurements, no questions, no moving anything.

In 2 weeks we should know the final answer. Either they total our house or we take the next step. I know, the suspense is killing you haha.

I never want to go thru this again!!!!!! This really sucks. So many times we saw hurricanes go thru towns and prayed for those people and then time passed and we never heard about them again. We just assumed things were okay.

We were hit really hard. And it's been a long, trying 7 months. Having a baby didnt' seem to drag out this long!!!

I want my life back. I want a house with space and room to move. I want my kids to have company and friends to gather for fun and good food!

I want to be normal.

One day. Soon. I hope.

Friday, April 14, 2006


Being submissive does not mean being a doormat to your spouse. I'm surprised when women say they are not submissive their husbands. Granted, the husband is probably not submissive to God. The wife is to be submissive to her husband. The husband is to be submissive to God, and make decisions based on God's will and commandments and not out of selfishness for himself.

Yes, I am submissive to my husband. This does not mean I do not have a voice in things. Take for instance the recent hurricane. There were lots of decisions to be made. My husband and I talked about our options. We discussed pros and cons. Then my husband made the final decision based on what he felt was best for his family. We also prayed about it and continue to pray about it. As the submissive wife, I am to support his decision. I know it wasn't easy and it's not one he takes lightly. He never makes quick decisions; often prefering to sleep on things.

Why all the talk about submission??

We have chickens. A rooster, two hens and now 5 baby chicks. The mamma hen and her babies are in a special pen until the chicks are too big to slip out the fence. Gertrude and Big Daddy (yes, we name our animals) are allowed to walk around the acre. They are comfortable around people and other animals. They seem happy and are very excited in the mornings when we let them out.

The hens follow Big Daddy all over. They don't stray very far from his side. In the mornings
they make a bee line for the patio. Breakfast! June bugs for breakfast! They gobble them up left and right. Then they go around the yard scratching and pecking. It's fun to watch the chickens and learn about their personalilites. It's also neat to watch how they interact and their different sounds.

If Big Daddy finds something good in the yard he will make a certain sound and the hens come running. He "points" to the goodie on the ground and they gobble it up. The other day they were walking around on the patio and he found a missed June bug. He made the right noise but Gertrude didn't hear him. He picked up the bug, walked towards her, dropped it and made the noise again. This time she jetted on over and gobbled it up! He's taking care of them! He leads the way around the yard and they happily go along trusting in him and submitting to him. He's never let them down so far. Even when the puppies learned that chickens run when chased, Big Daddy never ran off ahead of the hens. He stayed with them, keeping between them and the barking dogs. He made sure the hens were never seperated from the group and he never stopped circling them until the dogs gave up their fun.

When Willamena would get off her eggs for an hour a day to stretch and eat, Big Daddy and Gertrude would ruuuuun to the chicken yard and go meet her. They'd cackle and flap wings and coo at her. Keeping her going and making sure she knew they were waiting for her eggs to hatch so she could join them again.

Funny that chickens would do that. Supporting, submitting and protecting. God instilled it even in them. Just think what humans are capable of if only they would do the same.

God, man, woman, children.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Horses, horses, horses everywhere!

Here are some pictures from today's lesson. Enjoy! Oh yah, and we have five baby chicks!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

I found myself!

My MIL recently got a laptop. A NICE one too. She also got cable internet and a wireless router. SWEET!

Did I mention my MIL has never used a computer before? uh. yah.

BUT! She is amazing at how fast she learns! And for never having a computer.. man, oh man! She can move around that computer lickety-split!

She's got a yahoo email address. Then I put messenger on her computer. Now we messenger back and forth. She's a hoot!

When she gets stuck and cannot answer me in messenger, she will call on the phone. So we have a messenger going, yahoo email going and we are on the phone. multi-tasking, honey!

We were multi-tasking earlier and she could not find the box with my message in it. then it pops up and she's laughing going, "Here i am! I found me. I found myself. Yup, there i am!"

She's having a ball!

I've been online for 15+ yrs... so it's all point and click to me. Second nature. I forget what things are supposed to be called and don't know how to explain things to her so she can understand. Then we get the giggles. Oh boy! Add her sister in there and it can get confusing.

It is a blast tho! J is scared to death of clicking anything! I think i'm showing her it can be FUN to click and learn. You aren't going to hurt anything by clicking. It's how I learned all i know!

My MIL... she wants to learn. She was scared at first to click anything that I hadn't explained. NOW? She's like, "oh yah, then i went there and clicked,... and it brought me there,,, then I signed on..." wow! And she's learned all this in less than 2 weeks!!

People. She. scanned. pictures.! all by herself! She's getting paths down.. it's starting to all come together. You can see the light bulb going off and that's so neat.

This weekend... I plan on taking my laptop over there and surfing while she's playing around..then she can ask me questions as they come up and I can help her.

Exciting news for J tomorrow. I'll fill ya in later! time to get in bed. i'm pooped!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

making progress, ya think?

We had a second adjustor with our insurance walk thru our house. They agreed lots of things were missed and have been added and updated. I dunno how you can miss that amount of stuff! Well, I do. But we won't talk about that.

We are now waiting for our contractor to look over the updated list and see if anything still has been left off. Then we will present it to the insurance company and go from there. Wish us luck!

My MIL got a laptop. She's such a quick learner! She's scanning pictures and printing things and burning CDs. With a little guidance.. but man.. having never been on a computer.. she catches on quick! If she hits a snag I can usually walk her thru it. Her sister comes over when I'm there. She's taking my "classes" too LOL They forget I've been doing this for 14+ yrs.

Big things in the works for Jessica. Whoo hoo. More on that later.

Rich went to Kerrville, Texas this past weekend with the Jeep club we belong to. He wasn't too impressed. It was guided tours only. Most of these trails he wouldn't have normally gone over. He's just not that kind of guy who rides over rocks and tries to mess up his jeep. He doesn't like to flip over either. He said at one point his knees were shaking as they passed over some rocks. He's the kind who likes to take leizure rides and enjoy the scenery, stopping when he wants, etc. But overall he enjoyed the trip.

Sarah's lesson last week was canceled. She's counting down the days this week. Hopefully I can get a few snapshots of her on the horse. She's got some ropers and some new "cowgirl" jeans to wear for this weeks' lesson. She's so excited.

Time to get to bed.. my nap from earlier is wearing off! Full day ahead.

Oh! one more week for baby chicks!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

and then, and then, and then, and then???

It just seems to never end! Maybe not END, end... I'd just like it to slow down some. Just a tad.

Our contractor and another insurance adjustor walked thru our house last week. This week they are both submitting their paperwork. We shall see what the insurance company says THIS time. It's very frustrating. Very. I'm so glad Rich is off so he can handle this crap. I'd be popping valiums.

Our hens have laid about 10 eggs. We were getting a bit miffed because neither one was "setting" on the eggs so they can hatch. It's natural for them to know what to do. Which just amazes me! Lo and behold.. Willamena is setting on them eggs! Hopefully we will have some baby chicks! That would be soo cool!!

Rich and Daniel mowed and weed eated today. Looks like people live here now. March and we are MOWING the grass. Gonna be a helluva hot summer!!

Jessica got her class ring. Growing up fast!!!! She turns 17 this Saturday and cannot wait to go see a rated R movie. The little things in life. LOL

Sarah has started taking horse riding lessons. She's really enjoying it. That child will try anything once and loves animals. She goes back this Saturday for a one on one lesson and I'm sure she will be more relaxed. She said it looks like a loooong way down when you are sitting on a horse.

Daniel still has skateboard fever. He's almost as tall as Jessica now. He's such a gentleman too. His best friend is a girl. Yes, best friend. Tho I think she secretely likes him.. and i think he likes her too. He just doesn't want to mess up a good friendship. I don't blame him. I'm sure we will have A in our lives for a long time tho. I liked her from the first time I saw her at Contraband days 4 yrs ago.

My MIL is doing well. She's been busy redecorating and taking all kinds of classes and courses with her sister. She looks really good and it's been soo great to see her as often as we do now.

My BIL is on his way to GERMANY!!! That devil! He and some friends took some vacation time and went to Germany. His dad's family is from Germany, and he wanted to see where he comes from. I hope he takes lots of pictures!

Okay, time for bed. My feet are sore from shopping today. Jessica and I had fun.. then Rich and I went to walmart and ran a few other errands. Relaxing Sunday.

Tomorrow starts a new week!

Sunday, March 05, 2006


I think every home should come with skylights. Especially skylights in the bedrooms. Do you know how amazing it is to wake up to the sun on your face, open your eyes and see the blue, blue sky and huge billowy clouds drifting slowly by?? To lay there and realize that every day is a new day... 24 hours can make a world of difference in a person's life.

Yes, it was kiss-kiss and I love yous and I'm sorrys all around. Arguements never last very long anymore. There really is no point. Tempers flare - fact of life. Sometimes you have shitty days and some days are grand. Sometimes you gotta wait 24 hours.

We had a guy at work who died. He took his life. It just hit so hard. I mean... a teen I can see their reasoning for it.. they just don't think things can change that much in 24 hours and they just want an end to the pain. Older people.. they've lived a long life.. they don't want to suffer anymore. But a young guy?? A guy with good looks, great sense of humor and a wonderful outlook? Goes to show you how much pain he really had and how much of it he was hiding.

So when you think your life sucks.. wait 24 hours and see how much can change. Or better yet.. get a skylight in the bedroom.. so you can see the stars at night and the clouds/sun during the day. 24 hours CAN make a difference... in any life.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

just a little busy?

We've been just a little busy. It's crazy madd trying to get the insurance to agree that our house is not worth fixing. Two contractors have told us it's just too much work. The house really just needs to be torn down. Torn down!?! Yes. So that means everything has to come out of it that is worth keeping. Hmmm. Where to store it?

Don't forget that list of contents. Gather all those receipts from here, there and yonder and sort through them. Go through 2 sheds and list what is damaged. Hmm.. where IS the stuff? Seems the walls got blown off and now all the tools/stuff that hung on them is gone. How do you know what you had??? Geeze.

And lets add a family reunion and bday parties and confirmations to the mix. OH! And, well, something else I'd rather not discuss at this time.

Can you say stress? Just a tad. But. I'm not allowed to be stressed. According to my husband, I shouldn't be. ???? Uhm. Okay!? I think. I guess. Hell, I dunno anymore!

We had a disagreement and he got totally ticked. I mean totally. Far way more than he should have, so I know the disagreement wasn't really about what we argued over - he has some underlying things there. Do you think he agrees? No. It's all my fault. Yup. I was snippy and had no right to talk to him that way.

Okay. *I'm* not allowed to be short tempered? Nope. I'm supposed to be calm, cool and collected at all times. Whatever! I know the underlying reasons I became so aggrivated with him.. I told him WHY. What was his reason? Because he didn't like the way I talked to him. HUH? When I have to tell you five times THIS is where the door is going to go... and you keep putting it THERE, doesn't that scream "I"m really not paying attention to anything you are saying and will insist things go where ever I feel."??? Yet, when I told him I felt like he was not listening.. yup. I was mean and rude and he didn't like the way I was talking to him. He cannot see WHY I am so short tempered... therefore.. he has every right to be madd at me for talking to him that way. Uhh.. okay. Whatever.

Ya know.. I was just telling someone the other day that we really haven't even argued in a long time... Guess that's a broke record.

I still don't see why he's so angry. Oh well, he can just get glad in the same pants he got madd in. I did! Funny, when I spoke to him earlier he was still so madd.. and I was over it the moment I walked out the room. Actually, I wasn't ever MADD, I was so darn frustrated after the fourth time of explaing WHY the door was going HERE and not THERE. ARGH! I mean.. you cannot have a doorway where stairs are!? You know.. those stairs to get to that room up there! HELLO?


Monday, February 20, 2006

He's soo smart!

My husband is the silent type. Never boasting or bragging. Not loud at all. Very quiet. most people ask me if he likes them because he rarely speaks and hardly ever starts a conversation. He's just great listener. (thank goodness because I talk enough for the both of us!) It's not that he doesn't like people.. he'll talk..once you get him started on things he likes. Then you cannot get a word in edgewise LOL

Because he is so quiet, let me take this time to brag on him. I'll allowed. He's my husband.

The hot water tank in the camper is 6 gallons give or take. That's ONE shower or 2 sinks full of water to do dishes and some water to clean up the stove, cabinets and table. Not much. Not much at all when there are 5 of you! Dishes? shower? hmm..

Before the storm we replaced our hotwater heater with a larger one. We insulated it with a hot water heater wrap and taped it all up and it was all set to save us some $$. Then Rita hit. The wall was ripped off the shed that housed the hotwater heater..the insulation has never been found. We still have the gas on in the house and the hot water heater still runs to wash clothes and when the kids take a shower in our bathroom. All that water. Sitting there. Doing nothing.

Rich tapped into the hot water line under the house and ran the pipe to the camper. He connected it to the hot water line in the camper.. voila! 35+ gallons of hot water anytime day or night without having to wait for the gas to heat the tank! I usually turn the hot water take off during the day while we are all gone and at night while we sleep. No reason to heat the water for nothing. So now our propane can all go to heating and cooking. That should cut down on our propane usage.

He's soo darned smart! I'm so blessed!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Half my life

Almost have my life has been spent with Richard. How amazing is that!?

We've been together 19 yrs, 4 months, 2 days!

I dunno how he stood me this long. It's gotta be love!

It's 32 here.. we ran out of propane - we have two bottles - so we flipped the switch and cranked up the heat again. warm and toasty. Rich is cooking breakfast, so that helps heat things up.

I think we are gonna have breakfast, dress and run to Sam's and Acadamy. Cannot work in the yard on a cold, damp day like this. Gotta stay indoors. And we gotta get out and stretch our legs some!

We had a visitor last night.. a guy who used to work with Rich years ago... It ws sure good to see him. Like old folks we made coffe in the late afternoon and sat around and visited.

Ever wonder why people in the south are so passionate about their coffee? ( and food! ) Well, it's because it's so damned good!!

Time to eat!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Life in general

Let's see.. it's been almost 5 months since the hurricane. That's almost 1/2 a year! What has changed? Well..people are building, remodeling or demolishing. Stores are still hiring to replace their lost crews. Walmart is now open until 8 pm! Target and Kmart manage to stay open until 11. Imagine that! Hmmm. I think Burger King still closes by 6? I know by 8 they are locked up tight and all dark. Debris is pretty much picked up on roads. The last pickup is March 1.

We are still living in a camper. That's 4 months in this camper, 2 in a popup and 2 that we were evacuated for. Five months later... and here we are. While our yard is looking better and we have developed a so-called's not a home. It feels like we are camping! Well, we are. Sorta.

Rich is home for the month of Feb. After that he may take a trip out of state for a week each month. He's enjoying his time home and so are we. He's working around here hauling and tearing things up. Cooking. Toting kids around to various things. It's a big help. I'm not so drained at night. I can actually stay up until 11pm!

Insurance is still not lined out. It's a sore subject... but we are working on it. I know, 5months later and we are no closer to settling. GRRR.

The kids are kids.. they adapt to most anything. While they are not happy sleeping all in one room in bunk beds that are too small... they don't complain. They make do with what we have. We don't "want" for anything - except ROOM - but they don't complain.

We are having eggs galore! The hens are laying and we are picking an egg or two a day. may not seem like much, but tonight I counted 15 eggs. We've used some...that's almost 2 dozen eggs for free! And they are soo good. They TASTE like eggs.

I stumbled across a bread recipe that allows for the second rise of the dough to take place in the icebox (fridge to all you non southerners) I don't have to be a slave to bread dough! I can also make it ahead of time and bake it when needed. Perfect timing.

My first batch was a learning experience. I have the second batch in the icebox tonight. Gonna bake it in the morning to have fresh bread for breakfast! It makes 2 loaves. I'm hoping to be able to make our bread and get away from the store stuff. Hopefully the kids will like this batch better. It rose so well this time around. I think I over kneaded it the last time.

I've been thinking a lot lately about organic foods and weaning off the chemicals and preservatives. Last year I started cooking from scratch, stopped buying cokes (sodas), used limited boxed products, limited fast food and eating out in general. Instead, I pushed more water, fruits and veggies on the family. You know what? They lived, and they actually enjoyed it.

We've had a garden the past few years - all my canned stuff was ruined in the storm!!!! Lost some of the frozen stuff too. We're looking forward to a garden and eating our own home grown foods and canning again.

The bed is calling.. actually, the sooner I go to bed, the sooner I can get up and bake that bread LOL


Thursday, February 09, 2006


In 2004 I took a lil trip up north to see the 'gals'. On that trip we hit the mall of america. I'm not a shopper, but I did enjoy that day!

What did they have? A Bare Minerals store. I bought a compact for myself. Whhoo hoo. I don't wear much makeup, but I really like Bare Minerals and so I treated myself to the compact. I used it often.

The hurricane done come and took my compact!! I hunted high and low for that thing and never could find it.

Tonight I ordered some more foundation. While I was on the phone, I asked the girl if they also had the compact. They did! So, I ordered me a new one. It's not the same one.. but it's the same thing and it will always remind me of our trip to Minn.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Hauling and dragging

We hauled some stuff from the house to the road. Goodbye furniture and mattresses!

Hello dragging butt! My knee has been hurting me since last week. I think I twisted it moving furniture.

Still more stuff in the house to box up. I just don't wanna do it. I'm torn between just tossing it all - I haven't NEEDED it in the past months, right? - to going to that's our stuff, our memories! I may regret tossing it out too soon.

We've called several people to come and give estimates. No-shows. Guess they are too busy.

I look forward to the day all this is behind us.

Oh, just realized the new fax/copier/printer/scanner I bought yesterday does not have fax. GRRRR. Now I have to bring it back. I was so looking forward to setting it up and getting some printing done. the kids (jessica) complains that we are the ONLY people who don't have a printer. Guess the school takes it for granted that every student has a computer/printer in their home??? NOT!

Washing clothes, hanging out with the family, and fixing to cook supper. Been a good day. We are having grilled burgers, homemade fries (with the skin on) and I think.. homemade milk shakes if I can find the blender and the recipe for them :) If not, we'll have homemade slushies! MMM

Time to go swap the clothes in the washer/dryer!

Monday, January 23, 2006

The Camp

Saturday we drove to the camp to pick up his truck. I snapped a few pictures.


Our chickens starting laying eggs. MMM, chicken eggs! That was until Sarah said, "Mom! Smell this egg!" (putting egg under my nose while I'm sniffing) "It smells like chicken butt!"

Oh yes. Yummy! NOT!!


I tried to get Pookie's picture. She just kept moving. She's always on the go. But I did manage to snap one after she took a breather.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Restful nights

I feel so rested today. Bed by 9 really helps!

I found myself cooking a huge meal last night - with little leftovers due to another mouth to feed and food needing to be taken to work. Not complaining! The kids and I haven't eaten that big of a meal in over 2 weeks. I just didn't have the energy to do it. Rich picked up some things from the store on his way home, which gave me more time to cook. I sure miss cooking.

The puppies are just about ready to be given away. I say they can..Sarah says NO. LOL Sorry, I have a big enough zoo. Just need to find them homes. They are soo cute. It's warming up, so hopefully I can put them out in the yard to stretch and soak up some sun. Their "playpen" is not very big, but they like to pile up anyways. Hopefully the ground is not too wet.

Tomorrow we are expecting wind again! I don't like wind. ack!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Safe and sound

Richard made it back home last night safe and sound. I think we were all to bed by 9:30. I was so tired from waiting, and he was so tired from traveling. I had a hard time sleeping with him in the bed. He tends to sleep in the middle of the bed and that left me no room. I have been curling up with a pillow for 2 weeks now and suddenly having a full-length body next to you is very different.

Everytime I'd roll or move he was grabbing my arm or my waist and pulling me close and asking if everything was okay. He's holding me in his arm.. how can it not be okay?? I finally had to get up and turn the A/C on, due to another warm body in the bed it was HOT! I tossed and turned all night and kept making sure he was really home and that I wasn't dreaming it.

It's real!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

down to the hour

Rich will be home in less than 6 hours. We've been sending text messages and calling each other for two days now as we count down his arrival home! He's so cute some of the things he writes and says. And he claims he's not romantic. HA!

I've been busying myself with cleaning since I got back from church. Feels good. The weather is nice and a light breeze. I have the camper open to air it out and help dry the floors after I mopped.

The puppies are growing and eating like lil pigs. They are just so cute. It's cute to watch their personalities come out. One is a watcher. He sits back and soaks it all in and then decides what he is going to do.

I think I"ll go paint my toenails and shave my legs on the deck. More room than in the camper and I can soak up some sun at hte same time. That's life in a camper. You find new ways to do things ahahaha

First I gotta pay bills online and check my hunny's flight.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Rise and Shine!

I have been waking up at strange hours during the night thinking that the alarm was about to go off only to find it was 2:11 a.m. and I still had time to snooze.

This morning at 5:15 when I jumped out the bed it wasn't because I thought the alarm was about to go off (close enough anyways), but because of the WIND. I do not like wind. I can take rain and lightening.. but I do not do well in the wind.

Ever been in the wind in a camper with an awning? The awning is strapped down, and I have gotten over my fear that it is going to flip the blasted camper. The noise wakes me and the rocking of the camper.

This morning I could hear tin moving and flapping. And I could hear the awning flapping and tugging at the camper. The camper itself is strapped down and on blocks.. but that does not stop it from rocking.

Scariest of all, I could hear the wind. I could hear in the distance the gust building.. and I could hear it winding through the trees and between houses and sheds. Then it would push up against the camper. Trust me Mr. Wind. I have not forgotten the damage you can and did do around here. Even in the slightest breeze the tin on the chicken coop will flap, reminding us of the recent past. Trust me, I am now even more afraid of the wind.

So when it was gusting this morning I immediately got dressed and turned on the tv. I busied myself in the camper until I noticed the wind had died down some. Then I got milk ready to feed puppies and gathered towels to wash a load of clothes.

The moon was still high in the sky when I rounded the camper going to the laundry room. And bright. Wow. So bright. So much that it caught my attention and I stopped for a moment to just stare at it. It was so calm. So peaceful.

I popped online to check the weather for Rich and myself. Hmm.. seems we will be having 20-40 mph gusts until 10 a.m. Gonna be a long morning!!!

Two more days. Two more days.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Four more days. Just four more days.

Four more days until I see my love again.

I know.. sappy. But, oh so true! It feels so good to be so in love even after almost 20 years of being together.

I cannot wait to see his face, to feel his touch, to hear his deep southern voice say "I'm home to stay."

I cannot wait for the kids to have their turn to see their daddy, to feel his love and hear his voice again.

I cannot wait until I have him all to myself and crawl in bed and snuggle close and to hear his breathing become rhythmic and deep long after midnight.

I cannot wait to wake on Monday and hear his grovely morning voice say he's made the coffee and he's happy to be home.

I cannot wait.

I cannot wait.

Please God, bring him home safely. Bring him home to me.

Monday, January 09, 2006


Zoe had 7 pups. Four lived and we have been bottle feeding them from about 3 days old. Her uterus ruptured and she had emergency surgery. So tonight I snapped a few pictures before they outgrow their puppiness!

This is just one :)

They are almost 4 wks old!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

It's all about control

My MIL made this mixture. She called it her trailmix. It was good. Cept for all the nuts. Nuts give me major heartburn. So I picked them out and nibbled on the rest of the mix she sent home with us.

Today while I was zipping around the grocery store I remembered her mix. What was all in it? Hmm. I could call her! She recently got a cell phone and has that excitement of having a new toy and I know she'd get a kick out of receiving a phone call. Then I remembered I didn't like all those nuts. THEN I remembered it was homemade and I could make it any way I wanted!!! That's the best part about this mix. You make it how YOU want it.

Golden grahams cereal
Mini mashmellows
Pretzel knots
Sunflower seeds (shelled, of course)
Semi sweet choco chips
Soy nuts
Sesame sticks

The possibilities are endless! Mix and match and nuts and raisins and yogurt covered stuff... covered almonds and popcorn and.. whatever your heart desires. Each time is different depending on your mood. Colored marshmellows or white.. let the imagination run!

And ya know what? It's better than any mix I have ever eaten because it's got all the things *I* wanted and none of the things I didn't.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Another day...

Another day in Louisiana. The kids and went shopping. We got a late start so tomorrow we have to go back for the more important stuff. Today was lots of window shopping and hanging out.

Our dog had puppies and then her labor stopped. So she had emergency surgery and the puppies are being bottle fed. It's like having quads! Four lil hungry mouths. It's hard work being confined to a feeding schedule, but they are soo cute! Their personalities are starting to show thru. The kids complain about doing it, but secretly I think they like it. Picture to follow soon.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Bonne 2006! (happy 2006)

I sure hope 2006 is better than the previous year. By the looks of how things started, we are off to a good start.

Lots has happened! Yes, we had a wonderful Christmas thanks to my wonderful husband who knows just when to step in and handle things when I no longer can. That's what spouses do. They pick up the slack. And he did just that. I had no more to give. But he did. He managed to get us a real tree, set it up, decorated it and then we waited. Cmas morning the kids awakened to find presents under the tree and a fire a glowing. Rich cooked breakfast over the fire while we sipped coffee and watched the kids open presents. What wonderful memories he created.

New Year's was spent with friends. Rich is traveling again. Every night I'm usually in bed by 9:30 at the latest. I'm running on fumes but had to get some pictures posted!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and here's to a wonderful 2006!