Monday, January 23, 2006

The Camp

Saturday we drove to the camp to pick up his truck. I snapped a few pictures.


Our chickens starting laying eggs. MMM, chicken eggs! That was until Sarah said, "Mom! Smell this egg!" (putting egg under my nose while I'm sniffing) "It smells like chicken butt!"

Oh yes. Yummy! NOT!!


I tried to get Pookie's picture. She just kept moving. She's always on the go. But I did manage to snap one after she took a breather.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Restful nights

I feel so rested today. Bed by 9 really helps!

I found myself cooking a huge meal last night - with little leftovers due to another mouth to feed and food needing to be taken to work. Not complaining! The kids and I haven't eaten that big of a meal in over 2 weeks. I just didn't have the energy to do it. Rich picked up some things from the store on his way home, which gave me more time to cook. I sure miss cooking.

The puppies are just about ready to be given away. I say they can..Sarah says NO. LOL Sorry, I have a big enough zoo. Just need to find them homes. They are soo cute. It's warming up, so hopefully I can put them out in the yard to stretch and soak up some sun. Their "playpen" is not very big, but they like to pile up anyways. Hopefully the ground is not too wet.

Tomorrow we are expecting wind again! I don't like wind. ack!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Safe and sound

Richard made it back home last night safe and sound. I think we were all to bed by 9:30. I was so tired from waiting, and he was so tired from traveling. I had a hard time sleeping with him in the bed. He tends to sleep in the middle of the bed and that left me no room. I have been curling up with a pillow for 2 weeks now and suddenly having a full-length body next to you is very different.

Everytime I'd roll or move he was grabbing my arm or my waist and pulling me close and asking if everything was okay. He's holding me in his arm.. how can it not be okay?? I finally had to get up and turn the A/C on, due to another warm body in the bed it was HOT! I tossed and turned all night and kept making sure he was really home and that I wasn't dreaming it.

It's real!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

down to the hour

Rich will be home in less than 6 hours. We've been sending text messages and calling each other for two days now as we count down his arrival home! He's so cute some of the things he writes and says. And he claims he's not romantic. HA!

I've been busying myself with cleaning since I got back from church. Feels good. The weather is nice and a light breeze. I have the camper open to air it out and help dry the floors after I mopped.

The puppies are growing and eating like lil pigs. They are just so cute. It's cute to watch their personalities come out. One is a watcher. He sits back and soaks it all in and then decides what he is going to do.

I think I"ll go paint my toenails and shave my legs on the deck. More room than in the camper and I can soak up some sun at hte same time. That's life in a camper. You find new ways to do things ahahaha

First I gotta pay bills online and check my hunny's flight.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Rise and Shine!

I have been waking up at strange hours during the night thinking that the alarm was about to go off only to find it was 2:11 a.m. and I still had time to snooze.

This morning at 5:15 when I jumped out the bed it wasn't because I thought the alarm was about to go off (close enough anyways), but because of the WIND. I do not like wind. I can take rain and lightening.. but I do not do well in the wind.

Ever been in the wind in a camper with an awning? The awning is strapped down, and I have gotten over my fear that it is going to flip the blasted camper. The noise wakes me and the rocking of the camper.

This morning I could hear tin moving and flapping. And I could hear the awning flapping and tugging at the camper. The camper itself is strapped down and on blocks.. but that does not stop it from rocking.

Scariest of all, I could hear the wind. I could hear in the distance the gust building.. and I could hear it winding through the trees and between houses and sheds. Then it would push up against the camper. Trust me Mr. Wind. I have not forgotten the damage you can and did do around here. Even in the slightest breeze the tin on the chicken coop will flap, reminding us of the recent past. Trust me, I am now even more afraid of the wind.

So when it was gusting this morning I immediately got dressed and turned on the tv. I busied myself in the camper until I noticed the wind had died down some. Then I got milk ready to feed puppies and gathered towels to wash a load of clothes.

The moon was still high in the sky when I rounded the camper going to the laundry room. And bright. Wow. So bright. So much that it caught my attention and I stopped for a moment to just stare at it. It was so calm. So peaceful.

I popped online to check the weather for Rich and myself. Hmm.. seems we will be having 20-40 mph gusts until 10 a.m. Gonna be a long morning!!!

Two more days. Two more days.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Four more days. Just four more days.

Four more days until I see my love again.

I know.. sappy. But, oh so true! It feels so good to be so in love even after almost 20 years of being together.

I cannot wait to see his face, to feel his touch, to hear his deep southern voice say "I'm home to stay."

I cannot wait for the kids to have their turn to see their daddy, to feel his love and hear his voice again.

I cannot wait until I have him all to myself and crawl in bed and snuggle close and to hear his breathing become rhythmic and deep long after midnight.

I cannot wait to wake on Monday and hear his grovely morning voice say he's made the coffee and he's happy to be home.

I cannot wait.

I cannot wait.

Please God, bring him home safely. Bring him home to me.

Monday, January 09, 2006


Zoe had 7 pups. Four lived and we have been bottle feeding them from about 3 days old. Her uterus ruptured and she had emergency surgery. So tonight I snapped a few pictures before they outgrow their puppiness!

This is just one :)

They are almost 4 wks old!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

It's all about control

My MIL made this mixture. She called it her trailmix. It was good. Cept for all the nuts. Nuts give me major heartburn. So I picked them out and nibbled on the rest of the mix she sent home with us.

Today while I was zipping around the grocery store I remembered her mix. What was all in it? Hmm. I could call her! She recently got a cell phone and has that excitement of having a new toy and I know she'd get a kick out of receiving a phone call. Then I remembered I didn't like all those nuts. THEN I remembered it was homemade and I could make it any way I wanted!!! That's the best part about this mix. You make it how YOU want it.

Golden grahams cereal
Mini mashmellows
Pretzel knots
Sunflower seeds (shelled, of course)
Semi sweet choco chips
Soy nuts
Sesame sticks

The possibilities are endless! Mix and match and nuts and raisins and yogurt covered stuff... covered almonds and popcorn and.. whatever your heart desires. Each time is different depending on your mood. Colored marshmellows or white.. let the imagination run!

And ya know what? It's better than any mix I have ever eaten because it's got all the things *I* wanted and none of the things I didn't.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Another day...

Another day in Louisiana. The kids and went shopping. We got a late start so tomorrow we have to go back for the more important stuff. Today was lots of window shopping and hanging out.

Our dog had puppies and then her labor stopped. So she had emergency surgery and the puppies are being bottle fed. It's like having quads! Four lil hungry mouths. It's hard work being confined to a feeding schedule, but they are soo cute! Their personalities are starting to show thru. The kids complain about doing it, but secretly I think they like it. Picture to follow soon.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Bonne 2006! (happy 2006)

I sure hope 2006 is better than the previous year. By the looks of how things started, we are off to a good start.

Lots has happened! Yes, we had a wonderful Christmas thanks to my wonderful husband who knows just when to step in and handle things when I no longer can. That's what spouses do. They pick up the slack. And he did just that. I had no more to give. But he did. He managed to get us a real tree, set it up, decorated it and then we waited. Cmas morning the kids awakened to find presents under the tree and a fire a glowing. Rich cooked breakfast over the fire while we sipped coffee and watched the kids open presents. What wonderful memories he created.

New Year's was spent with friends. Rich is traveling again. Every night I'm usually in bed by 9:30 at the latest. I'm running on fumes but had to get some pictures posted!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and here's to a wonderful 2006!