Sunday, January 15, 2006

down to the hour

Rich will be home in less than 6 hours. We've been sending text messages and calling each other for two days now as we count down his arrival home! He's so cute some of the things he writes and says. And he claims he's not romantic. HA!

I've been busying myself with cleaning since I got back from church. Feels good. The weather is nice and a light breeze. I have the camper open to air it out and help dry the floors after I mopped.

The puppies are growing and eating like lil pigs. They are just so cute. It's cute to watch their personalities come out. One is a watcher. He sits back and soaks it all in and then decides what he is going to do.

I think I"ll go paint my toenails and shave my legs on the deck. More room than in the camper and I can soak up some sun at hte same time. That's life in a camper. You find new ways to do things ahahaha

First I gotta pay bills online and check my hunny's flight.

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