Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Four more days. Just four more days.

Four more days until I see my love again.

I know.. sappy. But, oh so true! It feels so good to be so in love even after almost 20 years of being together.

I cannot wait to see his face, to feel his touch, to hear his deep southern voice say "I'm home to stay."

I cannot wait for the kids to have their turn to see their daddy, to feel his love and hear his voice again.

I cannot wait until I have him all to myself and crawl in bed and snuggle close and to hear his breathing become rhythmic and deep long after midnight.

I cannot wait to wake on Monday and hear his grovely morning voice say he's made the coffee and he's happy to be home.

I cannot wait.

I cannot wait.

Please God, bring him home safely. Bring him home to me.

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